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1st ODI:  India v Zimbabwe at Faridabad, 7 Mar 2002

India innings 1-25 overs | 26-50 overs
Zimbabwe innings 1-25 overs | 26-50 overs

27th over: Travis Friend back in the attack, replacing Marillier.

29th over: Problems with the sight screen here. The black cloth that covers the advertising hoarding seems to have some undone so it's a bit difficult to close the boards when the bowling is from the Pavilion End. This could take a bit of time.

28.1 Friend to Laxman, one run, just short of a length, outside the off, eased through covers, and that is fifty for VVS Laxman, well played too. [VVS Laxman 50* (64b 5x4)]

28.4 Friend to Dravid, no run, back of a length and on the off, prodded at, there's a sound as the ball slips past the bat, appeal from the 'keeper but not anyone else... TV replays confirms the edge!

29.5 GW Flower to Dravid, no run, quicker and flatter, low bounce too, played and missed, rapped on the pad, loud shout for lbw, turned down. Very close call indeed, lucky to survive.

End of over 30 (5 runs) India 155/2 (RR: 5.17)
R Dravid 15* (20b 1x4) VVS Laxman 53* (68b 5x4)

30.2 Friend to Dravid, FOUR, short and wide, a very poor ball to be bowling with most of the field inside or on the circle, Dravid frees his arms cracks the ball inside out and over the top, four easy runs.

33rd over: Gary Brent to replace Travis Friend.

33.5 GW Flower to Dravid, OUT: straight and flat, Dravid gets cute and tries to sweep, missed, struck in front of the stumps, appeal goes up, strangely the umpire raises a cap! with the finger of course and that is out!

India 171/3, Partnership of 48
R Dravid lbw b GW Flower 23 (34b 2x4 0x6)
VVS Laxman 60* (77b 5x4) GW Flower 6.5-0-21-1
Mohd Kaif is the new batsman.

39th over: Streak back into the attack

39.5 GW Flower to Kaif, RUN OUT! no run, full and on the off, tapped to Ebrahim at point, Kaif comes down the track as if to take a single, Laxman responds, Kaif decides against the single and turns his back, Laxman is stranded, bad cricket from young Kaif here. Kaif really should have, if nothing else sacrificed his wicket for the well-set Laxman who has made a sterling 75.

India 193/4, Partnership of 22
VVS Laxman run out (Ebrahim) 75 (99b 5x4 0x6)
M Kaif 7* (15b)
Sanjay Bangar is the new batsman.

End of over 40 (3 runs) India 193/4 (RR: 4.82)
SB Bangar 0* (0b) M Kaif 7* (15b)
End of spell: GW Flower 10-0-31-1

40.2 Streak to Bangar, OUT: full and on the off, Bangar throws the bat at it, the ball goes towards mid off, high, will it clear the fielder? Friend leaps in the air and plucks the ball out of the sky diving-stretching full length. That's a classic!

India 193/5, Partnership of 0
SB Bangar c Friend b Streak 0 (2b 0x4 0x6)
M Kaif 7* (15b) HH Streak 7.2-0-33-2 (1w 2nb)
Ajay Ratra is the new batsman.

42nd over: Douglas Marillier comes in to bowl.

India 200/5 in 42 overs (RR: 4.76)
A Ratra 3* (5b) M Kaif 10* (20b)

43rd over: Travis Friend brought in to bowl.

42.2 Friend to Kaif, FOUR, just short of a length and on the off, Kaif sees it early, rocks back, slower ball spotted early, smashed over midwicket, one bounce and over the ropes.

43.4 Marillier to Ratra, RUN OUT! no run, low full toss, Ratra drags it across to the on side to mid on, misfielded there, the batsmen set off for a single... never run off a misfield says the adage... the throw is shipped in to the bowler and India have their second needless run out of the innings.

A Ratra run out (Marillier) 6(9b 0x4 0x6)
India 211/6, Partnership of 18

44.2 Friend to Kaif, FOUR, short ball on the off, whipped nicely through mid-wicket for a boundary.

44.3 Friend to Kaif, FOUR, once again a short one on the off, pulled away again to exactly the same spot at midwicket, Grant Flower runs across and dives full length, can't stop it...

End of spell: Travis Friend: 10-0-68-0

45.6 Marillier to Kaif, FOUR, full and outside the off, steered to the third man fence for four!

End of spell: DA Marillier 10-0-53-1

48th over: Gary Brent brought into bowl

47.1 Brent to Agarkar, FOUR, full and on the off, Agarkar falls away to the on side, makes room and chips the ball inside out and over covers, one bounce and over the ropes.

47.3 Brent to Agarkar, FOUR, short ball on the pads, slower ball as well, carted away to the deep square leg fence.

47.6 Brent to Agarkar, FOUR, low full toss down the leg side, Agarkar sees it early, picks it up and flicks it over the on side field.

48.2 Streak to Agarkar, SIX, over pitched and on the off, fluent swing of the bat, clean hit, the ball soars over the mid-wicket region, superb timing, the ball sails all the way.

48.6 Streak to Agarkar, FOUR, full and outside the off, Agarkar comes down the track and chips it inside out over point, yet another boundary for Agarkar.

End of spell: Streak 10-0-53-2.

49.2 Brent to Agarkar, FOUR, full and on the pads, whipped away over the top just wide of the long on fielder, Ajit Balchandra Agarkar on fire here! Don't forget his 50 in 21 balls against the same team at Rajkot last year.

49.5 Brent to Agarkar, FOUR, almost a yorker, full and on the pads, the Agarkar blade that can seemingly do no wrong swishes down in fine style, the ball rips past the bowler, scorching the turf on the way to the long on fence.

49.6 Brent to Agarkar, one run, back of a length and on the pads, clipped away to long on, India reach a good 274 in 50 overs.

End of over 50 (12 runs) India 274/6 (RR: 5.48)
AB Agarkar 40* (19b 6x4 1x6)
M Kaif 39* (45b 4x4)

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