ICC Cricket World Cup - South Africa 2003

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Yuvraj Singh: Giving it a thump

Yuvraj Singh
When Yuvraj Singh strode to the crease to replace Rahul Dravid, India were still not home and dry. But his see-ball-will-thump policy worked particularly well against part-time off-spinners Odumbe and Tikolo, and soon enough against the menacing Collins Obuya as well. Suddenly the boundary seemed much closer, the outfield much faster, and the bowlers much less menacing. His unbeaten innings of 58 off 64 balls with seven fours, moreover, allowed Sourav Ganguly to play pressure-free at the other end, and yet again, as he has done so often in the recent past, Yuvraj composedly guided India home to a comfortable win.
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Martin Suji: Turning the screws

It was exactly the kind of start India did not need, so of course Martin Suji provided it. Bowling 10 overs of wicket-to-wicket nippy medium pace, Suji posed problems to India's booming stroke- players just because they could not play those strokes. Suji also, moreover, celebrated Kenya's biggest moment of the day, having a brazenly-in-form Sachin Tendulkar caught for just five by his brother Tony at leg gully. It was a moment for great exhilaration, and Kenya indulged fully before breaking away reluctantly. Suji's 10 overs cost him just 27 runs, but after that wicket of Tendulkar, Kenya would have forgiven him 57.
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Steve Tikolo: Captain Fleetfoot

Steve Tikolo & Otieno
Almost every Kenyan fielder throws himself around in a seemingly desperate bid to commit suicide on the ground, so it is difficult to pick a single outstanding one. Captain Steve Tikolo, then, finds mention in this corner just for his catch of Virender Sehwag. The explosive Indian opener poked forward with minimal foot movement, and the ball went between first and second slip. But Tikolo, standing at the latter position, showed tremendous anticipation, moving to his left even as the ball kissed the bat, taking the ball safely in both hands and tumbling with it held close to his chest. What a start for Kenya that was!
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