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The time Dravid silenced his critics
By Anand Vasu

You love him or hate him, one thing about Rahul Dravid can never be denied. He is Mr Reliable of Indian cricket. Not for no reason is he known as 'the Wall'. Little need be said about how technically perfect he is when at the crease. A stickler for batting as the coaching manual suggests, Dravid is a treat to watch when in full flow. Add to this the fact that he is one of the best behaved cricketers of the Indian team and you have a person you simply cannot hold anything against. Well, there was one time when Dravid almost lost his cool.

After the first Test against Australia in the recently concluded home series, Dravid was under fire from various sections of the media. Commentators and scribes alike went after Dravid, suggesting that he was too meek and did not have the fire in the belly to take on the all conquering Aussies. Silencing his critics with an innings of 180 that formed the foundation for Laxman's assault, Dravid had made his point. Not satisfied with letting his bat do the talking, Dravid gestured aggressively to the pavilion when he reached three figures.

In this week's special, we bring you Dravid's innings ball-by-ball:

2nd Test: India v Australia at Calcutta, 11-15 Mar 2001

Ball-by-Ball Commentary

       Dravid comes out to bat at number 6
  66.5 McGrath to Dravid, no run, awkward bouncey ball on off stump,
        Dravid does well to defend it down
  66.6 McGrath to Dravid, no run, moves back and across and pushes it
        towards cover
[Complete ball-by-ball]
Should Dravid open in Test matches?
Can't say

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