Hi Sachin i'm really looking forward to u lifting the first IPL Trophy.Love u.
Adeetya, Mumbai

Manish Kumar, Meerut

We all know that our Sachin is a living legend of cricket. All the best Sachin for IPL You will win the trophy ... and we all wish you to stay till 2011 world cup
Sanju Reddy, Hyderabad

Hey ! Sachin you are the living Legend of Cricket world. Go Ahead! No one can pass your milestones. Best Regards.
Kienjal, Bhuj-Kutch

Hi Sachin you are my hero. Best of luck
Narendhiran, Noida

Hi Genius, try to come back with trophy... work hard...All the u...
Prakash, Chennai

Hi....Sachin you are the best batsman in the for INDIA....Live like a legend..
Srin, Shimoga

Sachin I want to say only one thing "Chak DE!!!"
John Thoppil Mathew, Hyderabad

i wish you would play for five more years with such a flamboyance.
Himanshu, Roorkee

I wish Sachin is special and spectacular...We pray god.. you will have good health in your entire life and want to see you groom the Indian kids as worldís best
Rudra, Canberra

I wish to Sachin go ahead and not turned behind. hilake ke rakhe de. Donít forget you are the best batsman of the world.
Umesh, BRT(Nepal)

Hi Sachin. I wish u a rocking one day series. Bowlers beware.
Mani teja, Chennai

"Something else speaks not words." I am a huge fan of Sachin. I have been watching him from the day i knew about cricket. He is a doer rather than a speaker. Only a few are blessed with such qualities. There is no doubt that he is one among them.
Thiru, Coimbatore

Hi Sachin Bhai I wish u all the best for upcoming ODI Series. And hit Aussies like anything.. I think you are the right person to destroy Aus Team.... And hope u will play next world cup... One request is play cricket for another 5 Years........
Santosh, Bangalore

Hi Sachin. God bless you and may you do very well. I just wish that you played a few T20s for the country
Nitin, New Delhi

Hai Sachin. Do the same as u did in test matches.. You should score more centuries in one days too
Sreekanth, Kurnool, AP

Hi Sachin,... just rock the one day series....!!
Nandha kumar, Bangalore

Hi Sachin. Have a good one-day series against Australia. Donít be nervous in 90's. Make it to some big hundreds this time. Hope you will do it and all the best to you and the whole Indian squad.
Amarnath Patnaik, Trichy

Hi Sachin. All the best for the upcoming ODIs against Australia. Hope you will do your best and please donít be nervous in 90's. This time make it to big hundred's. All the best to you and the whole Indian squad for the ODIs. bring home the cup.
Amarnath Patnaik, Trichy

Hey Sachin, Wish you all the best. Just go out, enjoy the way you always do the game of Cricket. You are made for cricket sir so go out and play. You will always win..
Ajay Kotai, Mumbai

Hay! Sachin 90's jinx is over! Good luck Sachin, give us an innings to remember! Hope your there 4 the twenty/20, u will!
Gerald, Melbourne

Hi Sachin, I'm a great fan of yours and it's great to see you in such a superb form. I wish you all the best to make at least 3 centuries in the coming ODI series :)
Abhishek Joshi, Bangalore

Hai Sachin pl do not get tension when u r in 90's because at that time our heart beat is so high!
Bhuphathi, Salem

All the Best. Please score at least 3 centuries in this tri-series.
Suresh Chatla, Hyderabad

You were rocking on their grounds... and you will rock, dominate them like any thing saare Bharath tere peeche... I wish All the Best and wish you Good luck from all of Indians.. its your series never ever give up you are the KING you are DON of Australia forever
Santosh, Bangalore

My best wishes to rock one day series with ur remarkable 100s... I have 100% trust on u.. Forget the past Mr. Little master
Senthilnathan, Trichy

Hi Sachin... Awaiting your next century against the aussies and the lankans.. get going and keep rocking..!!
Nandha kumar, Bangalore

Hey Sachin.. You are just impeccable. We worship you forever. You have the real architect of modern cricket. All the best!!
Kasavajjala Santhosh, Noida

Hi cricket god, just rock the aussies with your belligerent batting and give India the cb series for the first time since 1985
Gaurav chauhan, New Delhi

Your are the real hero for Bharat Ratna. My good wishes for you....
Kirtikumar Jain, Pune

Hi great, everybody knows who & what you are. repeat your best performances for the last time in Australian grounds.
Justin Willis, Kolkata

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