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The fantasy cricket season is coming and we are offering a £5001 ( Five Thousand And One) first prize for the winner of the overall league...

Sign up now at www.fantasycricketonline.com

Other prizes on offer...
£500 First Prize for the winner of the First Class League
£500 First Prize for the winner of the One-Day League
£100 First Prize for the Twenty20 Cup Competition League
Stylish crystal trophies for the winners of the four main prizes

Prizes for winners of each division

The summer competition is now accepting entries. It will cover the UK Domestic Season which begins on 13 April 2005.

The game includes a host of exciting features such as:

  • Unlimited rotation of a squad of 16 players
  • Two transfers per month
  • Superleagues
  • Promotion and relegation. No team is ever far from a prize
  • Thousands of pages of tables and graphs showing the state of the game
  • The main league tables are viewable over a WAP/WML compatible mobile phone as well as over the internet.

    We hope you enjoy the competition!


Good luck

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