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5 billion people worldwide suffer from tooth decay

What cause tooth decay...

Plaque present in the mouth contains bacteria (germs). When these bacteria combine with other components of food and drinks, especially sugar, acid is formed. Acid attacks the tooth enamel and causes tooth decay, which can end up forming cavities.

Early decay

Mild sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet food and drink
Small area of discolouration or as white spot
Plaque in the area

"Prevention is always better than correction"

What are the warning signs?

Deep cavity

Moderate to severe sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet food and drink, and cold air blast

Sharp shooting pain

Pain in teeth while biting

Holes in the tooth where food residue may accumulate

Chipping off, the tooth

How can I prevent cavities?


  1. Brush every morning and night with a fluoridated toothpaste such as “Signal Anti-cavity “with micro calcium.
  2. Brush all your teeth, including the ones at the back of the mouth for about 2-3 minutes.
  3. Use dental floss to clean between teeth.
  4. Limit the consumption of food that is extensively sweet or sticky.
  5. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after eating.
  6. Visit your dentist regularly.

How does "Signal Anti-cavity" with micro calcium protect my teeth?

  1. It contains a clinically proven anti-cavity system.
  2. It has active micro calcium which helps deliver 50% more calcium to the mouth.
  3. It helps repair early signs of tooth decay.
  4. It uses contemporary technology to give oral health benefits.

Dark coffee, black tea, soft drinks, dark fruit juice can cause stains on your teeth

Watch what you eat and drink...

  • The darker the coffee, the worst it is for your teeth.
  • Black tea causes the worst stains, compared to light coloured tea.
  • The kernel inside thambili, soft drinks, dark fruit juice, curry, berries, soy sauce cause stains on your teeth.

"Signal Whitening" will protect your teeth from stains, and brighter, whiter teeth are guaranteed in 4 weeks.

How does "Signal Whitening" help you to get avvt brighter smile?

The "perlite" in Signal Whitening can remove stains from the surface of enamel, helping bring back brightness to teeth.

It cleans and protects without any harm to your enamel or gums.

What is Perlite?

It is a polishing agent, trusted world over. Perlite is completely safe and can be used by the whole family, as it is NOT a bleaching agent.

Older the toothbrush is − weaker the teeth will be...


  • An old toothbrush with bent bristles can damage your gums.
  • Old toothbrushes have bacterial built up at the base of the head, which is harmful to your teeth.
  • Old toothbrushes damage the enamel of your teeth.
"Change your toothbrush before it’s too late"

Change it when the bristles are bent.

Why “Signal” toothbrush?

Design of all signal toothbrushes are inspired by dentist tools, specially the 3 angled neck helps to reach back most teeth and clean them effectively.

"M" shape bristles helps to clean germs between teeth and remove plaque effectively.