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Comments and Tributes

Posted by Alhena Hussain on 3 Sep 2001
Asslam alaikum Saeed, I'm deeply saddened to hear about your daughter. My deepest condolences go out to you and your family, may Allah(SWT) guide you through this extremly difficult time. Alhena (England)

Posted by Asif Shahzad on 3 Sep 2001
It was just last week I was watching you score a century and was very happy about your performance but this unfortunate incident of your daughters death must have brought you to a very depressful state of mind. May Allah keep her in peace and give you strength to get back to normal life.

Posted by Saad Haroon on 3 Sep 2001
I pray to the Almighty Allah for the departed soul. May Allah give Saeed Anwar and his family the ability to recover from the shock loss of his little daughter.

Posted by M.Zeeshan Merchant on 4 Sep 2001
I hope that Almighty Allah may give you courage to bear the irrepairable loss to you and your family in the hour of grief..

Posted by csdfg on 4 Sep 2001
May God give Saeed and his family the strenght to bear with the great loss

Posted by Yasmeen Quadri on 4 Sep 2001
Dear Saeed Saheb, Assalamu Aelikum. I am very much shocked and dismayed to hear the sad news of your little baby. May Allahpak rest her soul in eternal peace, ameen. pls convey my salams to your wife. My doa to Allahpak that HE gives you, your wife and family the courage and peace to bear this loss,ameen. Yasmeen from Chittagong, BD.

Posted by Rikaz on 4 Sep 2001
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Elaihe Rajioon. Please dedicate a Quran and a century to her. I am sure you know which is worth more Anwar Bhai.

Posted by Usman Ghani on 4 Sep 2001
I am really sorry to read this incident. May Allah give her a good place in heaven, and grant patience to the grieved parents.

Posted by Dr. Kashif Adil Ahmad on 4 Sep 2001
Dear Saeed, Our hearts are filled with sorrow on the sad demise of your daughter. May her soul rest in peace and may Allah give you strength in this time. Dr. Kashif

Posted by prakash r.. on 4 Sep 2001
dear saeed anwar please accept my heart felt condolence may god rest her soul in peace...

Posted by tariq on 4 Sep 2001
hi saeed i am tariq from kashmir i want to tell you that you have to forget it becaz i think you must have been know that every soul has to taste the death give gives you the strenght to face this problem wasalam khuda hafiz

Posted by India Fans on 4 Sep 2001
The cricket fans of India convey their deepest sympathies to the Anwar family, and express their deep admiration for Saeed at the dignity with which he continued to represent his country on the field even during this long period of personal suffering.

Posted by Nasar Farooq on 4 Sep 2001
Inna lillahai wa inna illaihai rajaoon.My sincerest condolences to Mr and Mrs .Anwar and the rest of the family. May Allah(swt) give you the strength and the resolve to bear this untimely loss.

Posted by mitul verma on 4 Sep 2001
deeply shocked and grieved to learn about your daughter, may god give peace to her departed soul and courage to you.

Posted by Tahir Raza Khan on 4 Sep 2001
AoA, saeed bhi ,its real time for u ,when u maintain ur passions.I,m pray for ur younger dauhgter and u and ur family

Posted by Chandrajit Vasani on 4 Sep 2001
a great player. i pray that god gives him even a greater heart to deal with this situation. my condolences to him and his wife.

Posted by Nasir Zulfiqar on 4 Sep 2001
Accept my deep sympathies at this terrible loss. May Allah Almighty give you courage to come out of this tragedy

Posted by rafay iqbal on 4 Sep 2001
My heartfelt condolonces with Mr.Saeed Nawar and his family. May Allah rest little Bismah's soul in eternal peace

Posted by Liaquat Rehman on 4 Sep 2001
May God Give the family the strength to bear this very sad news.

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