Conducted in Cape Town commencing 7 June 2000
by Justice EL King

Judge Edwin King
Justice King on the first day of the trial
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Detailed transcripts, as supplied by Veritas Transcription Services (Pty) Ltd who are contracted to provide the recording and transcriptions to the Justice E L King Commission of Inquiry into Cricket Match Fixing and Related Matters, are published here as and when they are made public. The Commission began its inquiry on the June 7th 2000 at Cape Town, South Africa.

Disclaimer: This is to certify that should any typographical errors or any other error that is not on the original transcript, as certified by the contractors to the Commission, that is Veritas Transcription Services (Pty) Ltd, due to electronic conversion, Cricinfo are not to be held responsible. Signed: S M van der Poll Director.

The King commission is charged with investigating three specific matters:-

  1. The disclosures made by Mr Hansie Cronje, relating to a payment of some several thousand American dollars which he admittedly received, I think I can say, earlier this year during the course of the triangular cricket tournament between South Africa, England and Zimbabwe.

  2. Whether during the period 1 November 1999 to the 17th of April 2000, any other member of the South African cricket team or team official, received or was promised payment of any amount of money or any other benefit in relation to his functions as a member of the South African cricket team or as a team official.

  3. Whether a proposal was made to the South African cricket team during its tour to India in 1996, that it forfeit or otherwise influence the result of a cricket match and thereupon, or thereafter, certain more detailed questions.

Provided below are copies of the official transcripts of the commission. CricInfo provides further coverage of the commission on its news pages.

Matches in question and referred to during the trial.

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