The Scotiabank West Indian Jubilee 2004

Please read the Introduction section before referring to these frequently asked questions - many of your queries may have been answered there. If not, please read on and if you still need more information contact Henry O'Grady -

What is happening at the National Events?

The public of each of the five main cricket playing territories in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados and The Combined Islands) will vote for their National Cricketer - the public vote for the Greatest Player from that country.

A National Jury will select the top three Batting, Bowling and ODI performance from each country.

The winner of the public choice for the Greatest Player from that country and the Jury's choice for the player with top batting, bowling and ODI performance will be awarded a trophy at the National Event.

Where and when are these National Events?

Barbados - 30th March, Sherbourne Conference Centre
Guyana - 17th April, Thirst Park
Trinidad - 23rd April, Country Club
Jamaica - 11th May, Jamaica Pegasus

The National Events are to be a mix of rare and high octane archive footage played on big screens, the awards ceremony, comment from those that know, and lots of music. The following awards are given out on the night:

The National Jubilee Cricketers
Greatest batting Performance
Greatest Bowling Performance
Greatest One Day Performance
The Shell Special Achievement Awards

Who can the public vote for and how does the voting work?

The public in Barbados can vote for their top 3 Barbadian players. Three points are allocated to the player receiving a voters first choice, two points for a voters second choice and three for the voters third choice.

In Guyana, Trinidad, The Combined Islands and Jamaica the public vote for their top 5 players, with five points allocated for a first choice vote, four for a second choice vote and so on.

All the points are aggregated and the winner is the cricketer who has received the most points.

When can I vote?
Barbados March 1st - March 26th
Combined Islands March 30th - April 10th
Guyana March 25th - April 14th
Trinidad March 23rd - April 20th
Jamaica April 9th - May 8th

What are the Shell Special Achievement Awards?

The winners of these awards are to be agreed between Shell, the local cricket board and the organizing committee. The Awards will be given for 'outstanding services to the game', and can include coaches, groundsmen, umpires and officials who have devoted their lives to the sport of cricket, and helped define the culture of cricket in the West Indies.

How do the public get tickets for the National Events?

Partner newspapers, partner television and partner radio stations inform the public about all aspects of the National Events:

Barbados - The Nation, CBC
Ticket information for Scotiabank Jubilee Gala - Barbados can be found through the Sherbourne Centre Box Office on (246) 467 8200 from Tuesday 23rd March.

Guyana - The Stabroek News
Trinidad - The Guardian, NBN
Jamaica - The Gleaner, RJR

Who makes up the National Jury?

The National Jury members consist of a member of the National Cricket Board, the Sports Editor of the national partner newspaper, and three other leading cricket administrators from each country.

Under what guidelines are the Jury chosen?

The Jury is selected to cover all ages and all cricket playing countries throughout the West Indies. They are selected for their integrity and their knowledge of the game of cricket.

An official announcement of the Wisden Jury members will be made through partner newspapers, radio stations and broadcasters in April. A Press Release will be sent to the Islands comprising the Combined Islands informing the public of the winners of each award.

The winners themselves will be presented with their trophies after the Antiguan Test Match in April.

What is the Wisden Jury?

A jury of up to thirty journalists, cricket administrators and past/present cricketers selected by Wisden to elect the Five Jubilee Cricketers - the greatest West Indian cricketers of all time. This Jury shall elect their five jubilee cricketers from a shortlist of thirty players comprising twenty six cricketers elected by the people of the main islands of the Caribbean (the "National Jubilee Cricketers") and a further four 'Wild Card' entries selected by a sub-committee of the jury.

What does the Wisden Jury vote for?

The Wisden Jury select the top 5 West Indian cricketers of all time. In addition all, or a portion of the jury will choose the winners of a number of other awards including:

Jubilee Batting Performance in a Test Match
Jubilee Bowling Performance in a Test Match
Jubilee One Day Performance in a Test Match

What else is happening ?

Quintus is organising a number of activities throughout May, June and July to celebrate 75 years of West Indian cricket:

  1. Nominees Dinner

    A dinner celebration for the 26 players who have been voted to the Jubilee Shortlist. This is to take place in Kingston on the 16th June 2004, and will be organised in partnership with Scotiabank.

  2. Coffee Table Book Launch

    Quintus is producing an official coffee table book for the Jubilee. This will be launched throughout the Caribbean at the end of June 2004. The book will show the great players of West Indian cricket and will have editorial written by the top cricket writers of today.

    The coffee table book will go on sale throughout the Caribbean from July 2004.

What is happening on Television?

Throughout the 5 months of the Scotiabank West Indian Jubilee, Quintus is producing special television programming to show the West Indian public archive footage and interviews of the West Indian greats.

Our television partners are:
Barbados - CBC
Trinidad - NBN
Jamaica - TVJ
The rest of the Caribbean - CMC

March 21st Barbados Curtain Raiser
March 31st Scotiabank Jubilee Gala - Barbados
April 16th Trinidad Curtain Raiser
April 24th Scotiabank Jubilee Gala - Trinidad
May 1st Jamaica Curtain Raiser
May 9th Scotiabank Jubilee Gala - Jamaica
June Jubilee Curtain Raiser 1
July Jubilee Curtain Rasier 2
July Jubilee Curtain Rasier 3
July 23rd The Great Debate
July 30th Scotiabank Jubilee Gala

What is the finale of the Scotiabank West Indian Jubilee?

The highlight of the Event is the Scotiabank Jubilee Gala show which will be broadcast live on television throughout the Caribbean - the venue of the final show is the world famous Symphony Hall, Birmingham in the United Kingdom.