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Issue 14, March 3 2000


Khalid Vayani (UK)

Looking at the squad selected for the tour of the West Indies I am surprised to see that two players have been overlooked, namely Trevor Madondo and Everton Matambanadzo. Unless the above two players are injured I think the selectors have not been fair to them especially Everton as he did well in the sole test he played against Sri Lanka. After that he has not been given another chance to prove himself and I firmly believe that he would have been handful on the pitches in the West Indies. As for Trevor Madondo I think it's time for the selectors to give another chance provided he reforms his behaviour. Is it still not possible for the selectors to include Madondo and Matambanadzo? I must complement the selectors for selecting Mluleki Nkala as I think this tour will do him good. Nice to see that Andy Blignaut is back from injury and that Brian Murphy has returned to his native Zimbabwe from South Africa. Finally can you please update me on Paul Strang's recovery and how much longer is he expected to be out for. I was under the impression that he would have been available for this tour.

Reply: We hope our West Indian tour preview in this issue will answer your questions adequately.

Leon Bain (Australia)

Hi, good SBTT wasn't it? Pity about the home series against England. Why isn't Guy Whittall touring? Big mistake not taking G Rennie and A Whittall; still they are both going on the "a" tour. D Viljoen played all 3 odis against England, but isn't on either tour--odd!! Neither is G Brent!!! With the "A" tour clashing with both the WI tour and the England tour does this mean none of the "A" team is going to the West Indies ODI series or to England? If you're ever going to beat the WI now is the time. Play with a straight bat, and bowl at the wickets.

Reply: It is still possible that changes might be made, with members of the A team being drafted into the team to England if the selectors wish. It is unlikely that any of the A team will go to the West Indies one-day series, but injuries or unexpected and total loss of form could possibly change that.

Glenn Smith (Australia)

Hi there. My name is Glenn Smith, I'm from Australia and have been following Zimbabwean cricket for the past ten years quite avidly. Finally, its good to see some of the 'heavyweight' nations of the world inviting Zimbabwean tours (West Indies, South Africa and Australia). However, looking at the touring squad to the Caribbean a couple of new names have appeared (to myself at least), and was wondering whereabouts Brian Murphy and Tatenda Taibu have come from, and what form they have had of late. I think it's going to be a very tough tour for the Zims, but with a bit of intelligent batting and good bowling ( which they have been doing of late) they might be able to apply some pressure on a team that performing quite poorly at the moment. A Test win (or at least a credible draw) would mean a huge amount to this team and the future of cricket in Zimbabwe.

Reply: A biography of Brian Murphy is included in this issue. Tatenda Taibu is a 16-year-old Churchill schoolboy who has greatly impressed in the Under-19 team as a wicket-keeper/batsman. He will be interviewed when petrol supplies permit!

Jake Newman (UK)

Whatever happened to Bernard Pswarayi? He was part of the Zim schools set-up all through age groups. I recall he was captain of U15 and U19 years. After school he was a part of the Zimbabwe A team for a while and after that he appears to have disappeared without a trace. I know he went to university in South Africa but so did a number of other present senior side players. He seemed like such a talent with an obvious future. I don't think Zimbabwe can afford to squander talent like this given the small player base they have. It is probably too late for Bernard (at 25) but perhaps a lesson can be learnt here for both the player and the ZCU? Your website is excellent and I use it regularly to keep track of the situation from the UK. Keep up the good work.

Reply: Thanks very much. Bernard is at present playing for Harare Sports Club, and we will try to interview him at some time in the future - when I have petrol to do so!

Paul Tasker (Albury, Australia)

I'm astounded at the dropping of Guy Whittall from the Test team for West Indies! He's one of the few players who could feel reasonably satisfied after the summer's Tests. Many others have achieved far less and get the full tour! There must be some outcry at home over this, surely. Any suggestions as to why? There are a few unfamiliar names in the team, can you give us some detail on them, please?

Reply: Guy has actually had a recurrence of his knee injury and cannot play, although it is hoped he may be able to join the team in time for the Second Test. A biography of Mluleki Nkala appeared in this magazine two weeks ago, and I will interview Tatenda Taibu as soon as I can get some petrol for my car! Of the Zimbabwe A team, biographies of all players are available through the Zimbabwe cricket page ( except for Doug Marillier, Mark Vermeulen and Dan Peacock, who will all be interviewed in the (hopefully!) near future.

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