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Issue 9, January 21 2000


A.W.Morgan (Australia)

I would like take this opportunity to congratulate you on your fine work in producing Zimbabwe Cricket Online. I think that it does a lot to promoting awareness about Zimbabwean cricket throughout the world and also creating further interest in the game within your own country. However, that isn't the only reason why I am e-mailing you. I have a question that you might be able to answer.

I know that Zimbabwe is touring Australia next year and taking part in the Carlton & United one-day series with Australia and the West Indies, but I have also heard some speculation that they will be playing a one-off Test against Australia as well. Have you heard anything about this, or could you provide me of details of any future Test series that are in the pipeline between Australia and Zimbabwe?

Reply: According to ZCU administration officer Ian Robinson, no Tests are to be played in Australia, but there have been discussions about future tours involving Test matches, yet to be finalised.

Robin Mence (England)

The weekly newsletter is still excellent and getting better as people get used to contributing. Pity about the lack of info from Bulawayo.

Any news regarding the tour of SL by the A team and the tour by one of the ICC countries in April/May?

Bad luck today in the U19 match it does appear that there is talent coming through although the team appears to be reliant on a few individuals.

Any news regarding the Year Book?

Reply: We have still had no official announcements about the tours you refer to, although they are expected to take place. The publication of the Zimbabwe Cricket Yearbook has been delayed owing to unexpected problems, but the publisher David Jones hopes it will be on the market by the time England arrive here next month. Full details will be given in this magazine when available. He is at Pangolin Press on, should any readers wish to contact him directly about it.

G. Brien (Zimbabwe)

I think the Zimbabwe Cricket Online is great. I'll be going to support Zimbabwe when they play England in Cape Town next Friday. It's great that Streak and Johnson are back. With those two and Guy Whittall who are all-rounders, the team will be greatly strengthened. I think the selectors should choose those with experience and who perform. There have been some dubious selections of late. My selection for the match would be:

  1. G. Flower
  2. A. Campbell
  3. M. Goodwin
  4. A. Flower
  5. N. Johnson
  6. S. Carlisle
  7. G. Whittall
  8. H. Streak
  9. J. Rennie
  10. G. Brent
  11. H. Olonga
I was distressed to see the omission of B. Strang and G. Rennie from the squad. Strang has really performed of late and Rennie is much better than some of the batsmen who made the squad. Thanks for the hard work.

Reply: Thanks for your encouragement. Unfortunately continued lack of funds will probably prevent us from being able to cover this tour in our online magazine, although details may be obtained as usual at the main CricInfo site.

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