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Issue 8, December 22, 2000


I am always an avid fan of Zimbabwe cricket, and I thank you for your cricket online that is always fabulous. I just sent some school websites to Mr Makoni, but these sites are not updated regularly but we can still find some cricket results. Like Mr Roy Jones I believe the U19s must play more cricket. This year this team is very good. The results in the Coca Cola Week are not so bad. Why not to send this team in England or Australia this summer? This team was without M. Townshend who played in the last Logan Cup, Bullivant and Bryant from Mac Club, Butterworth and Brewer from OH. This is may be the best team for a long time. Can you add more scorecards of the National League like in your last issue?
Patrick Sepulveda

Reply: We hope to include club cricket scorecards all the time in future and regret that many were inadvertently omitted in the past.

As a loyal Zimbabwean and true fan of Zimbabwean cricket, it gave me tremendous pride to watch Zimbabwe's victory in that spectacular final against New Zealand in the O.D.I. series. I spent the entire night glued to the set of my computer whilst the stats streamed in from Cricket Info. I thought we were dead and buried at five wickets down but, I have know that you can NEVER write Zimbabweans off!! Please pass on by warmest and proudest congratulations to Heath and the team for a job well done.
Sean Gallagher (Flitwick, United Kingdom)

We wish to send our congratulations to the Zimbabwe team on a brilliant performance here in New Zealand. What a fantastic thrill it must be for them to have their first series win away from home. Well done!! We are a South African family living in New Zealand and have followed all the games very closely. We hope that when they go on to Australia this week they will be very competitive.
Keith and Sonya Murray (Auckland, New Zealand)

What a way to begin New Year! The forlorn faces of the Kiwis said it all. They were outwitted in a thriller and Auckland now holds the place for the third highest successful run-chase after Chester-le-Street and Jodhpur. The over-spoken Fleming was shown his place. Murph excelled in all the matches. Superstar Andy is a DON OF A DIFFERENT KIND. His three consecutive reverse-sweeps of Harris were amazing. Alistair curbed his natural instincts and played an excellent cumulative innings in the 2nd essay. Elegant Viljoen's failure in the warm-ups motivated him to focus and he emerged with a weighty contribution. He's a player for the future. Travis after celebrating his birthday showed maturity and an unrelenting attitude. Then came the stunner, a great display of grit and determination by "Mgibise" -Streak is truly a warrior. He leads by example, controls his composure on the field and is a perfect guy to represent his country. His blitzkrieg gave a superfinish to the contest. What better gift can he give to his country already tormented by internal crisis. Beware Steve, the Zimbabweans are coming!
Dr. Situ (India)

I and my host of friends in RSA would like to congratulate Heath and the boys on their resounding series victory against the Black Caps. Believe you me, Mr Editor, that team is the only thing at the moment that makes us proud of ourselves as Zimbabweans. Keep up the spirit, guys.
Wezhira (South Africa)

I am very happy with Zimbabwe winning their first overseas one-day series. The last match was very interesting and it showed that Zimbos can fight from any position. It was a team effort but Andy Flower and Heath Streak deserve it more than anyone else. Since becoming captain Heath Streak has been batting really well and I hope very soon he can post his maiden test century. He is now developing into a very good all-rounder and this has enabled the team play round him. Andy Flower the more said of him the less it looks. He is in a class of his own. I do not have words to describe his achievements. I wish the team all the very best in Australia and in their future assignments.
Khalid Vayani (UK)


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