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International Cricketer of the Year

An accolade conferred upon players for each of 16 years of competition, the International Cricketer of the Year Award was won by the cricketer adjudged the most outstanding during the series of Test and One-Day International matches played on Australian soil each season. The basis for the award was a series of votes nominated at the conclusion of each match by officials, past players and/or media commentators. Given that it was common for at least three teams to play international matches in Australia - and for them to each play a different number of games - the total numbers of these votes were then weighted in an effort to give all the teams' players a realistic chance of attaining the prize. Vivian Richards and Craig McDermott were each dual winners, and other recipients of the trophy (generally a deluxe motor vehicle) included Imran Khan, Richard Hadlee and David Gower. Its first winner was champion Australian fast bowler Dennis Lillee in the 1980-81 season and it continued to be awarded until 1995-96, when Australia's Steve Waugh claimed the honour.
Season   Player

1980/81  DK Lillee
1981/82  B Yardley
1982/83  DI Gower
1983/84  IVA Richards
1984/85  IVA Richards
1985/86  RJ Hadlee
1986/87  BC Broad
1987/88  DC Boon
1988/89  DL Haynes
1989/90  Imran Khan
1990/91  SP O'Donnell
1991/92  CJ McDermott
1992/93  CEL Ambrose
1993/94  SK Warne
1994/95  CJ McDermott
1995/96  SR Waugh

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