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Record partnerships

Wkt   Runs  Batsmen                       Match

 1st  456   WH Ponsford and ER Mayne      Victoria v Queensland at Melbourne, 1923/24
 2nd  451   WH Ponsford and DG Bradman    Australia v England at The Oval, 1934
 3rd  390*  JM Wiener and JK Moss         Victoria v Western Australia at Melbourne, 1981/82
 4th  462*  DW Hookes and WB Phillips     South Australia v Tasmania at Adelaide, 1986/87
 5th  464*  ME Waugh and SR Waugh         New South Wales v Western Australia at Perth , 1990/91
 6th  428   WW Armstrong and MA Noble     Australians v Sussex at Hove, 1902
 7th  335   WC Andrews and EC Bensted     Queensland v New South Wales at Sydney, 1934/35
 8th  433   A Sims and VT Trumper         Sim's Australian XI v Canterbury at Christchurch, 1913/14
 9th  232   C Hill and E Walkley          South Australia v New South Wales at Adelaide, 1900/01
10th  307   AF Kippax and JEH Hooker      New South Wales and Victoria at Melbourne, 1928/29

The record partnerships recorded in Australia are:

 2nd  378   LA Marks and KD Walters       New South Wales v South Australia at Adelaide, 1964/65
 6th  346   JHW Fingleton and DG Bradman  Australia v England at Melbourne, 1936/37
 8th  270   VT Trumper and EP Barbour     New South Wales v Victoria at Sydney, 1912/13


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