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Free Foresters in The Netherlands, 1928
Flamingo's v Free Foresters
The Hague
6,7 August 1928 (2-day match)

Result: Free Foresters won by 37 runs


Free Foresters 1st innings
*AC Johnston          c de Beus          b Feith               28
HP Glover                                b Fokker               0
+HC Pattisson                            b Fokker              10
GN Bignell            c M Jansen         b Fokker              12
JLS Vidler                               b W van den Bosch     13
CE Frazer                                b Fokker              16
RP Keigwin                               b W van den Bosch     24
GS Grimston                              b M Jansen            36
KB Stanley            run out                                   7
GB Saunderson                            b M Jansen             9
AN Hickley            not out                                  23
Extras                                                         10
Total                 (all out)                               188

Flamingo's 1st innings
G Bouwmeester         lbw                b Vidler               9
J van den Bosch                          b Vidler               0
E Jansen              c Bignell          b Glover               4
CW Feith                                 b Hickley              4
W van den Bosch       run out                                  35
JA Schill             c Glover           b Hickley              6
*+AMJ de Beus         c Glover           b Hickley             55
M Jansen                             c & b Hickley             57
R Vis                 not out                                   0
W Kalff                                  b Vidler               0
A Fokker                                 b Vidler               0
Extras                                                         12
Total                 (all out)                               182

Free Foresters 2nd innings
*AC Johnston                             b M Jansen            24
HP Glover             c J van den Bosch  b Fokker               8
+HC Pattison          c Schill           b W van den Bosch     93
GN Bignell            c de Beus          b M Jansen             2
JLS Vidler            c Fokker           b M Jansen            14
CE Frazer             lbw                b M Jansen            15
RP Keigwin                               b W van den Bosch      2
GS Grimston                              b W van den Bosch     37
KB Stanley                               b M Jansen             5
GB Saunderson         c de Beus          b M Jansen             4
AN Hickley            not out                                  24
Extras                                                         22
Total                 (all out)                               250

Flamingo's 2nd innings (target: 257)
G Bouwmeester         c Glover           b Vidler               0
J van den Bosch       lbw                b Glover               0
E Jansen                                 b Vidler              37
CW Feith              run out                                   9
W van den Bosch       c Bignell          b Hickley             56
JA Schill             c Grimston         b Hickley              6
*+AMJ de Beus         lbw                b Vidler              20
M Jansen              lbw                b Vidler              39
R Vis                                    b Vidler               4
W Kalff               st Pattisson       b Keigwin             20
A Fokker              not out                                   0
Extras                                                         24
Total                 (all out)                               215

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