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Free Foresters in The Netherlands, 1928
Oost-Holland v Free Foresters
8,9 August 1928 (2-day match)

Result: Free Foresters won by an innings and 19 runs


Oost-Holland 1st innings
GH Bierman            run out                                   1
J Gresty              st Pattisson       b Grimston             5
KJ Elderink                          c & b Bignell             37
M den Hartog          c Grimston         b Hickley             18
G Hamburger                              b Glover               5
CE ter Kuile                             b Glover               0
H Colclough                              b Glover              25
E van Heck                           c & b Keigwin             18
J Koeleman            not out                                  31
JTG Rincker           c Keigwin          b Hickley              5
B Höpink              c Grimston         b Hickley              4
Extras                                                         27
Total                 (all out)                               176

Free Foresters 1st innings
CE Frazer             lbw                b Koeleman            17
KB Stanley                               b Höpink              29
GB Saunderson                            b Koeleman            46
JLS Vidler                               b Koeleman            22
AN Hickley            c Colclough        b Höpink               4
RP Keigwin            c Bierman          b Gresty              86
GN Bignell            c Gresty           b Koeleman             7
HP Glover             c Colclough        b Gresty              31
GS Grimston           c Colclough        b Bierman              9
+HC Pattisson                            b Koeleman            34
*AC Johnston          not out                                   1
Extras                                                         20
Total                 (all out)                               306

Oost-Holland 2nd innings
GH Bierman                               b Glover               0
J Gresty              c Glover           b Grimston             1
KJ Elderink                              b Keigwin              0
M den Hartog          c Saunderson       b Grimston             9
G Hamburger           c Hickley          b Keigwin             15
CE ter Kuile          c Grimston         b Keigwin             28
H Colclough           run out                                   9
E van Heck            run out                                   0
J Koeleman                           c & b Grimston            24
JTG Rincker                              b Glover               0
B Höpink              not out                                   0
Extras                                                         25
Total                 (all out)                               111

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