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Sir Julien Cahn's XI v Milford's Lancashire League XI
5,6 August 1937 (2-day match)

Result: Match drawn


Sir Julien Cahn's XI 1st innings
TB Reddick            c Headley          b Martindale           4
H Mudge               lbw                b Slater              86
REC Butterwoth        c Hawkwood         b Root                 7
CS Dempster                              b Martindale          13
DPB Morkel                               b Constantine         14
GF Summers                               b Root                88
+CR Maxwell           c Haworth          b Root                17
JB Hall               c Constantine      b Martindale           1
J Walsh               c Dickinson        b Constantine         11
RJ Crisp              c Hartley          b Slater              18
Sir Julien Cahn       not out                                  15
Extras                                                         13
Total                 (all out)                               287

Milford's Lancashire League XI 1st innings
G Headley                                b Crisp               11
C Hawkwood            c Walsh            b Morkel               6
CR Davis              st Maxwell         b Butterworth         58
F Hartley             lbw                b Butterworth          8
AG Slater             lbw                b Walsh                7
S Hird                c Walsh            b Butterworth         96
LN Constantine        st Maxwell         b Butterworth         24
J Haworth                                b Hall                16
EA Martindale         st Maxwell         b Butterworth         19
F Root                not out                                   5
+E Dickinson          st Maxwell         b Butterworth          8
Extras                                                         10
Total                 (all out)                               248

Sir Julien Cahn's XI 2nd innings
TB Reddick            c Dickinson        b Martindale          25
H Mudge               not out                                   3
REC Butterworth       st Dickinson       b Constantine         39
CS Dempster           not out                                  64
DPB Morkel                               b Headley             12
GF Summers            c Hartley          b Constantine         27
+CR Maxwell                              b Headley             12
JB Hall               c Headley          b Constantine         10
RJ Crisp                                 b Hird                27
Extras                                                          4
Total                 (7 wickets)                             223

DNB: J Walsh, Sir Julien Cahn.

Milford's Lancashire League XI (target: 263)
C Hawkwood            not out                                  46
F Hartley             not out                                   2
AG Slater                                b Maxwell              7
S Hird                c Morkel           b Walsh               62
LN Constantine        c Reddick          b Maxwell             55
J Haworth             c Crisp            b Walsh               14
EA Martindale                            b Reddick              3
F Root                                   b Reddick             25
Extras                                                         11
Total                 (6 wickets)                             225

DNB: G Headley, CR Davis, E Dickinson.
  • Bowling figures not available

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 Source: The Cricketer, 21 August 1937
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