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Ranji Trophy, 1980-81 - Calculation of Points

Calculation of Points

1. 8 Points for an outright victory. 2. 5 Points to the team leading on the first innings, if both innings are not completed. 3. 3 Points to the team which loses on the first innings. 4. 4 Points to both the teams if there is a tie, both on the result of first innings or both innings. 5. 2 Points to both the teams if first innings result is not obtained or the match is abandoned without a ball being bowled.

Bonus Points

(a) 1 Point (bonus) shall be awarded to the team gaining first innings points if at the moment of doing so, they have scored faster than the opponents, maintaining an average of at least 4 runs per over. For the purposes of the bonous point play during the second innings shall not be counted. (b) In the case of a side batting second, the rate of runs per over is calculated at the time the opponents score is passed. (c) In the case of the side batting second, the rate of runs per over is calculated when the innings of the side batting second is completed or declared close.


If two or more teams in a zone secure equal number of points their relative position in the table of points shall be determined by averages For the purpose of obtainings averages the following system shall be adopted The batting average of a team shall be obtained by dividing the total number of runs scored by the total number of wickets lost. The batting average against a team shall be obtained by dividing the total number of runs scored against it by the total number of wickets taken. The former shall be divided by the latter. The team having the highest quotient shall be deemed to be the champion of the zone. For the purpose of computing averages a side declaring its innings closed shall be deemed to have lost the number of wickets that had actually fallen.

Penalty For Slow Over Rate

The experimental rule introduced at the request, of the International Cricket Conference fixed the number of overs to be bowled in an hour to 15.3 overs or 93 balls an hour, the average to be arrived taking a full innings into consideration. Any team which failed to keep up the rate was penalised by adding to the opposition's total four runs for every over it fell short. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contributed by The Management (

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