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Coopers Deloitte Ratings : Feb 1991

Coopers Deloitte Ratings, Feb 91


1.  R. Richardson   (West Indies)  800
2.  Shoaib Mohammad (Pakistan)     773
3.  G. Gooch        (England)      769
4.  M. Crowe        (New Zealand)  746
5.  Imran Khan      (Pakistan)     740
6.  D. Haynes       (West Indies)  739
7.  Salim Malik     (Pakistan)     738
8.  A. Border       (Australia)    734
9.  M. Azharuddin   (India)        710
10. R.Smith         (England)      696
11. Javed Miandad   (Pakistan)     672
12. G. Logie        (West Indies)  669
13. V. Richards     (West Indies)  662
14. J. Wright       (New Zealand)  653
15. M. Taylor       (Australia)    649
16. D. Boon         (Australia)    645
17. A. Ranatunga    (Sri Lanka)    606
18. D. Vengsarkar   (India)        603
19. M. Atherton     (England)      601
20. A. Lamb         (England)      599

The ratings show the current form of Pakistan and the West Indies
but  also  reflect the tremendous current form of some individual
players such as Gooch (who moved from fourth to third), Crowe and
Border.   However, I find it surprising that Robin Smith is still
rated quite so highly and that Australian and Indian  players  do
not feature more prominently.


1.  Waqar Younis    (Pakistan)     852
2.  M. Marshall     (West Indies)  831
3.  I. Bishop       (West Indies)  828
4.  B. Reid         (Australia)    787
5.  Imran Khan      (Pakistan)     761
6.  Wasim Akram     (Pakistan)     747
7.  C. Ambrose      (West Indies)  724
8.  A. Fraser       (England)      718
9.  T. Alderman     (Australia)    690
10. M. Hughes       (Australia)    681
11. Kapil Dev       (India)        646
12. C. Walsh        (West Indies)  626
13. C. McDermott    (Australia)    575
14. G. Lawson       (Australia)    555
15. V. Raju         (India)        543
16. D. Malcolm      (England)      539
17. R. Ratnayeke    (Sri Lanka)    528
18. D. Morrison     (New Zealand)  481
19. N. Hirwani      (India)        474
20. Abdul Qadir     (Pakistan)     450

Well, this is a clear indication of the total dominance of Pakis-
tan and the West Indies have in test match bowling, with 6 out of
the top 10 and Waqar Younis quite deservedly  top  of the   pile.
Without  argument,  Imran Khan's ratings (5 in both) show that he
is currently the best all-rounder in the world.  The ratings also
show  that  both  England  and New Zealand have bowling problems,
although Angus Fraser is rewarded  with  8th place.    Australian
bowlers are rewarded justly for their Ashes performance with Reid
and McDermott doing extremely well, but I find the rating of Law-
son puzzling - maybe just a throw back to previous series.

 Contributed by Andrew.Walker (

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