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England - National League Statistics 1969-2001
Team and Players Records

Highest Total
375-4    Surrey v Yorkshire          Scarborough        1994
Highest Total for Team batting 2nd
317-6    Surrey v Nottinghamshire    The Oval           1993
Lowest Total
 23          Middlesex v Yorkshire   Leeds              1974
Highest Individual Scores
203       AD Brown      Surrey v Hampshire               Guildford              1997
191       DS Lehmann    Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire      Scarborough            2001
176       GA Gooch      Essex v Glamorgan                Southend-on-Sea        1983
175*      IT Botham     Somerset v Northamptonshire      Wellingborough         1986
Fastest Hundred
44 balls  MA Ealham  Kent v Derbyshire          Maidstone    1995
Highest Partnerships for each Wicket
1st  239   GA Gooch/BR Hardie        Essex v Nottinghamshire      Nottingham    1985
2nd  273   GA Gooch/KS McEwan        Essex v Nottinghamshire      Nottingham    1983
3rd  223   SJ Cook/GD Rose           Somerset v Glamorgan         Neath         1990
4th  219   CG Greenidge/CL Smith     Hampshire v Surrey           Southampton   1987
5th  220*  CC Lewis/PA Nixon         Leicestershire v Kent        Canterbury    1999
6th  137   MP Speight/IDK Salisbury  Sussex v Surrey              Guildford     1996
7th  164   JN Snape/MA Hardinges     Gloucestershire v Notts      Nottingham    2001
8th  116*  ND Burns/PAJ DeFreitas    Leicestershire v Northants   Leicester     2001
9th  105   DG Moir/RW Taylor         Derbyshire v Kent            Derby         1984
10th  82   G Chapple/PJ Martin       Lancashire v Worcestershire  Old Trafford  1996
Best Bowling
8-26       KD Boyce          Essex v Lancashire           Old Trafford          1971
7-15       RA Hutton         Yorkshire v Worcestershire   Headingley            1969
7-30       MP Bicknell       Surrey v Glamorgan           The Oval              1999
7-39       A Hogdson         Northamptonshire v Somerset  Northampton           1976
7-41       AN Jones          Sussex v Nottinghamshire     Nottingham            1986
Four Wickets in Four Balls
A Ward      (5-11)    Derbyshire v Sussex           Derby         1970
VC Drakes   (4-41)    Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire  Nottingham    1999
Hat Tricks
Team             Player               Year
Derby            A Ward               1970
                 CJ Tunicliffe        1979
Essex            KD Boyce             1971
Glamorgan        MA Nash              1975
                 AE Cordie            1979
                 GC Holmes            1987
                 A Dale               1993
Gloucestershire  KM Curran            1989
                 AM Smith             1998
Hampshire        JM Rice              1975
                 MD Marshall          1981
Kent             RM Ellison           1983
                 MJ McCague           1992
Leicestershire   GD McKenzie          1972
                 JM Dakin             1998
Northamptonshire A Hodgson            1976
                 AL Penberthy         1999   
Nottinghamshire  K Saxelby            1987
                 KP Evans             1994
                 VC Drakes            1999
Somerset         R Palmer             1970
                 IVA Richards         1982
Surrey           MP Bicknell          1992
Sussex           A Buss               1974
                 CJ Adams             1998    
Warwickshire     RGD Willis           1973
                 W Blenkiron          1974
Worcestershire   RK Illingworth       1993
Yorkshire        PW Jarvis            1992
                 D Gough              1998   
                 C White              2000   
Most Wicket Keeping Dismissals in an Innings
7 (6ct 1st)      RW Taylor      Derbyshire v Lancashire     Old Trafford   1975
Most Catches In a Innings
5                JM Rice        Hampshire v Warwickshire    Southampton    1978
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