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Tests - Highest Innings Totals for India

Based on all matches up to and including
Test #1921: Sri Lanka v Pakistan at Galle, Pakistan in Sri Lanka 1st Test, 4 Jul 2009

705-7d    India v Australia           Sydney               2003/04    
676-7     India v Sri Lanka           Kanpur               1986/87    
675-5d    India v Pakistan            Multan               2003/04    
664       India v England             The Oval             2007       
657-7d   *India v Australia           Kolkata              2000/01    
644-7d    India v West Indies         Kanpur               1978/79    
633-5d    India v Australia           Kolkata              1997/98    
628-8d    India v England             Leeds                2002       
627       India v South Africa        Chennai              2007/08    
626       India v Pakistan            Bangalore            2007/08    
616-5d    India v Pakistan            Kolkata              2007/08    
613-7d    India v Australia           Delhi                2008/09    
610-3d    India v Bangladesh          Dhaka (SBNS)         2007       
609-6d    India v Zimbabwe            Nagpur               2000/01    
606-9d    India v England             The Oval             1990       
603       India v Pakistan            Faisalabad           2005/06    
600-4d    India v Australia           Sydney               1985/86    
600       India v Pakistan            Rawalpindi           2003/04    
591       India v England             Mumbai               1992/93    
588-8d    India v West Indies         Gros Islet           2006       
583-7d    India v New Zealand         Ahmedabad            1999/00    
570-7d    India v Zimbabwe            Nagpur               2001/02    
566-8d    India v West Indies         Delhi                1978/79    
566-6d    India v Sri Lanka           Chennai              1982/83    
565       India v West Indies         Kolkata              1987/88    
560-6d    India v England             Chennai              1992/93    
554       India v Zimbabwe            Bulawayo             2005/06    
553-8d    India v England             Kanpur               1984/85    
546-9d    India v West Indies         Nagpur               1994/95    
541-6d    India v Sri Lanka           Bangalore            1993/94    
540       India v Bangladesh          Chittagong (MAA)     2004/05    
539-9d    India v Pakistan            Chennai              1960/61    
537-3d    India v New Zealand         Chennai              1955/56    
537-8d    India v Sri Lanka           Colombo (RPS)        1997       
536-7d    India v Zimbabwe            Delhi                1992/93    
532       India v Australia           Sydney               2007/08    
531-7d    India v New Zealand         Delhi                1955/56    
527-9d    India v Pakistan            Chennai              1986/87    
526       India v Bangladesh          Dhaka                2004/05    
526       India v Australia           Adelaide             2007/08    
524-9d    India v New Zealand         Kanpur               1976/77    
523       India v Australia           Adelaide             2003/04    
521       India v England             Nottingham           1996       
521-6d   *India v West Indies         St John's            2006       
520       India v Australia           Adelaide             1985/86    
520       India v New Zealand         Hamilton             2008/09    
518-7d    India v Sri Lanka           Colombo (SSC)        1998/99    
517-5d    India v Australia           Mumbai               1986/87    
516       India v Pakistan            Mohali               2004/05    
515-9d    India v Sri Lanka           Mohali               1997/98    
513-9d    India v West Indies         St John's            2001/02    
512       India v Sri Lanka           Mumbai               1997/98    
511       India v Sri Lanka           Lucknow              1993/94    
510      *India v England             Leeds                1967       
510-7d    India v Australia           Delhi                1979/80    
509       India v Pakistan            Lahore               1989/90    
508       India v England             The Oval             2002       
505-3d   *India v New Zealand         Mohali               1999/00    
501       India v Australia           Chennai              2000/01    
500       India v Pakistan            Faisalabad           1984/85    
500-5d    India v New Zealand         Ahmedabad            2003/04    

* Total scored in Second Innings

 Contributed by StatsGuru (