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Test Players who have Excelled at Other Sports

Based on all matches up to and including
Test # 1539 : India v Australia at Chennai, 3rd Test 2000-2001

Test players who have played competitive FOOTBALL (SOCCER):

J.C. Balderstone (Eng)  Doncaster Rovers, Huddersfield Town,
                        Carlisle United, Queen of the South
A.W. Nourse      (RSA)  Natal
C.B. Fry         (Eng)  England, Southampton
I.V.A. Richards  (WI)   Antigua
C.A. Milton      (Eng)  England
A. Ducat         (Eng)  England, Aston Villa
R.E. Foster      (Eng)  England (captained Eng in both)
J.W.H.T. Douglas (Eng)  England in amateur football, Casuals,
J.W.H. Makepeace (Eng)  England, Everton
A. Lyttelton     (Eng)  England
E.A. McDonald    (Aus)  Victoria
F.C.M. Alexander (WI)   England in amateur football
M.E. Waugh       (Aus)  professional Sydney club, Croatia
S.R. Waugh       (Aus)  professional Sydney club, Croatia
R.W.V. Robins    (Eng)  Nottingham Forest, Corinthians
D.C.S. Compton   (Eng)  England (wartime, not full Internatinals)
E.H. Hendren     (Eng)  Coventry City, Queens Park Rangers,
                        Manchester City, Brentford, Also
                        Victory Internationals in 1919
L.B. Fishlock    (Eng)  England in amateur football
L.H. Gay         (Eng)  England, Corinthians, Old Brightonians
H.T.W. Hardinge  (Eng)  England, Arsenal, Sheffield United
K.W. Hough       (NZ)   NZ and Australia
A.E. Knight      (Eng)  England
J. Arnold        (Eng)  England, Southampton, Fulham
W. Gunn          (Eng)  England, Notts County
G.C. White       (RSA)  South Africa
J. Sharp         (Eng)  England, Everton
R.S. Grant       (WI)   England in amateur football
J.M.M. Commaille (RSA)  South Africa
S. O'Linn        (RSA)  South Africa, Charlton Athletics
C.A. Smith       (Eng)  England, Old Carthusians, Corinthians
W. Watson        (Eng)  England including 1950 World Cup,
                        Huddersfield Town, Sunderland
D.B. Close       (Eng)  Leeds United, Bradford City, Arsenal
J.G. Dewes       (Eng)  Middlesborough, Plymouth Argyle, Walsall
C.J. Poole       (Eng)  Gillingham, Mansfield Town
D.R. Smith       (Eng)  Bristol City, Millwall
F.H. Suggs       (Eng)  Sheffield Wednesday, Derby County, 
                        Burnley, Bolton Wanderers
K. Taylor        (Eng)  Huddersfield Town, Bradford Park Avenue
F.J. Titmus      (Eng)  Watford
A.J. Watkins     (Eng)  Plymouth Argyle, Cardiff City
E.G. Wynyard     (Eng)  Old Carthusians
D.L. Bairstow    (Eng)  Bradford City
M. Sherwin       (Eng)  Notts County
M.J. Stewart     (Eng)  Charlton Athletics, Wimbledon, Hendon,
                        Corinthian Casuals
L.E.G. Ames      (Eng)  Clapton Orient, Gillingham
H.E. Dollery     (Eng)  Reading
W.J. Edrich      (Eng)  Tottenham Hotspur
J.A. Flavell     (Eng)  Walsall
W.R. Hammond     (Eng)  Bristol Rovers
J. Hardstaff Sr. (Eng)  Nottingham Forest
H. Howell        (Eng)  Wolverhampton Wanderers, Port Vale, Stoke
W.W. Keeton      (Eng)  Sunderland, Nottingham Forest
J.W. Sharpe      (Eng)  Notts County
A. Sidebottom    (Eng)  Manchester United, Huddersfield Town,
W. Storer        (Eng)  Derby County
A.Waddington     (Eng)  Halifax Town, Bradford City
F. Barratt       (Eng)  Aston Villa, Sheffield Wednesday
Ian Botham       (Eng)  Scunthorpe United

Test players who have played competitive HOCKEY:

B.C. Booth           (Aus)  Australia ('56 Olympics)
J.N. Rhodes          (RSA)  South Africa
D.L. Houghton        (Zim)  Zimbabwe
E.G. McLeod          (NZ)   New Zealand
I.A.K. Pataudi   (Eng/Ind)  India
M.J. Gopalan         (Ind)  India
Rachael Heyhoe-Flint (Eng)  England
W.R. Endean          (RSA)  South Africa
K.Thomson            (NZ)   New Zealand
T.J.Laughlin         (Aus)  Australia
M.J.L. Turnbull      (Eng)  Wales

Test players who have played competitive RUGBY:

A.N. Hornby       (Eng)  (rugby union) England (captained both)
A.E. Stoddart     (Eng)  (rugby union) England (captained both)
T.A. Harris       (RSA)  South Africa
E.W.T. Tindill    (NZ)   (rugby union) New Zealand
B.P. Bracewell    (NZ)   captained W. Australia
A. Wharton        (Eng)  (rugby league) Salford
V.J. Scott        (NZ)   (rugby league) New Zealand
A.D.G. Matthews   (Eng)  Northamptonshire
E.A. McDonald     (Aus)  Victoria
C.L. Cairns       (NZ)   New Zealand Under-17s
S.M.J. Woods  (Eng/Aus)  England
P.N. Kirsten      (RSA)  Barbarians against the British Lions
M.J.K. Smith      (Eng)  (rugby union) England
M.A. Taylor       (Aus)  (rugby league) Combined Universities
V.T. Trumper      (Aus)  (rugby union) South Sydney
G. McGregor       (Eng)  Scotland
F. Mitchell   (Eng/RSA)  England, Blackheath
J.H. Sinclair     (RSA)  South Africa and England
R.O. Schwarz      (RSA)  England
R.H. Spooner      (Eng)  England, Liverpool
M.J.L. Turnbull   (Eng)  Wales
M.K. Elgie        (RSA)  Scotland
G.F. Vernon       (Eng)  England
H.G.O. Owen-Smith (RSA)  England (captained)
J.H. Anderson     (RSA)  South Africa
G.R.P. Dickinson  (NZ)   New Zealand
M.P. Donnelly     (NZ)   England
R.H.M. Hands      (RSA)  England
P.S.Twentyman-Jones(RSA) South Africa
W.H. Milton       (RSA)  England
O.E. Nothling     (Aus)  Australia
M.L. Page         (NZ)   New Zealand
A.W. Powell       (RSA)  South Africa
A.R. Richards     (RSA)  South Africa
C.B. van Ryneveld (RSA)  England
G.L. Jessop       (Eng)  Gloucester

Test players who have played competitive TENNIS:

P.W. Sherwell     (RSA)  national champion in 1904
C. Ramaswami      (Ind)  Davis Cup for India in 1922
B.A. Barnett      (Aus)  delegate to Int. Lawn Tennis Federation
K.C. Wessels  (Aus/RSA)  #1 junior in South Africa in 1973,
                         turned down tennis scholarship from
                         the University of Houston.
R.A. Legall       (WI)   Canadian over-60s champion
A. Lyttleton      (Eng)

Test players who have played OTHER SPORTS competitively:

E.M. Grace  (Eng) established a world triple-jump record in 1866.
W.G. Grace  (Eng) was the national champion of 440 yard hurdles,
                  represented England at bowls
P.A. Horne  (NZ)  represented his country in badminton in
                  Commonwealth Games.
V.Y. Richardson (Aus) played baseball for Australia,
                  represented S Aus at golf and tennis
B. Dooland  (Aus) played baseball for Australia.
B.A. Reid   (Aus) represnted W. Australia in a Under-16s
                  basketball tournament.
S.R. Waugh  (Aus) won the amateur section of the Vanuatu
                  Invitational golf tourney.
G. Miller   (Eng) played table tennis for Derbyshire.
E.L. Dalton (RSA ) was S.African Amateur Golf Champion in 1950.
G.A. Gooch  (Eng) ran in London Marathon in 1993.
G.A. Gooch  (Eng) scored a hole-in-one in Calcutta during the
                  1981-82 tour.
M.L.C. Foster (WI) was the table tennis champion of Jamaica.
J.W.H.T. Douglas (Eng) won the gold medal in the middleweight
                  boxing in 1908 Olympics in London.
D.C. Cleverley (NZ) was an amateur boxer and NZ champion
R.C. Grant  (WI)  was a heavyweight boxing champion of Trinidad
W.H. Ponsford (Aus) was invited for a tryout by the
                  Brooklyn Dodgers.
I.T. Botham (Eng) was the badminton junior doubles champion
                  for Somerset.
I.B. Cromb  (NZ)  won the South Island and Canterbury Golf
B.J.T. Bosanquet (Eng) was the hammer throw and billiards
                  champion at Oxford.
A.D.G. Matthews (Eng) played table tennis for Wales.
G.L. Jessop (Eng) played in the 1914 amateur golf championship.
R.J. Hartigan (Aus) played lacrosse for Queensland and baseball
                  for NSW.
N.W.D. Yardley (Eng) was the squash champion of the North of
                  England 6 times.
E.R. Dexter (Eng) played in the Eng Amateur Golf Championship.
R.B. Richardson (WI) won the 4th sailing Cricketers Cup in
                  Sydney during the 1991-92 tour.
C.B. Fry     (Eng) held the world Long-jump record for 21 years.
Farooq Hamid (Pak) represented Pakistan in Athelitics in the Olympics
B.A. Barnett (Aus) Aussie Rule Football for Victoria and
                   Old Scotch Collegians
M.J.L. Turnbull  (Eng) was S Wales squash champion

[... Additions welcome ...]

Thanks to Brian Lawrence for additions and corrections
 Contributed by aslam (