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ODI Career Most Fielding Dismissals in an Innings

West Indies

Based on all matches up to and including
ODI # 2603 : Ireland v West Indies at 2007, , Quadrangular Series (Ireland)

6 (5c 1st) RD Jacobs v Sri Lanka at Colombo (RPS), LG Abans Triangular Series, 2001/02 [1778]
5 (5c 0st) CO Browne v Sri Lanka at Brisbane, World Series, 1995/96 [1030]
5 (4c 1st) JC Adams v Kenya at Pune, World Cup, 1995/96 [1066]
5 (4c 1st) RD Jacobs v England at Kingstown, 4th ODI, 1997/98 [1307]
5 (5c 0st) RD Jacobs v New Zealand at Southampton, World Cup, 1999 [1460]
5 (2c 3st) RD Jacobs v Bangladesh at Dhaka, 2nd ODI, 1999/00 [1511]
5 (5c 0st) RD Jacobs v Zimbabwe at Sydney, Carlton Series, 2000/01 [1675]
5 (5c 0st) D Ramdin v Pakistan at Faisalabad, 2nd ODI, 2006/07 [2460]
5 (5c 0st) D Ramdin v Netherlands at 2007, , 10/07/2007 [2599]
4 (4c 0st) DL Murray v Sri Lanka at Manchester, World Cup, 1975 [22]
4 (2c 2st) PJL Dujon v Sri Lanka at Brisbane, World Series Cup, 1984/85 [286]
4 (3c 1st) PJL Dujon v Pakistan at Multan, 4th ODI, 1986/87 [399]
4 (3c 1st) PJL Dujon v India at Gwalior, 6th ODI, 1987/88 [500]
4 (4c 0st) PJL Dujon v England at Leeds, Texaco Trophy, 1988 [519]
4 (4c 0st) RB Richardson v England at Birmingham, Texaco Trophy, 1991 [676]
4 (4c 0st) D Williams v New Zealand at Auckland, World Cup, 1991/92 [734]
4 (4c 0st) CL Hooper v Pakistan at Durban, Total International Series, 1992/93 [805]
4 (3c 1st) JC Adams v New Zealand at Wellington, 2nd ODI, 1994/95 [973]
4 (4c 0st) PV Simmons v Sri Lanka at Sharjah, Champions Trophy, 1995/96 [1006]
4 (4c 0st) RD Jacobs v Scotland at Leicester, World Cup, 1999 [1465]
4 (4c 0st) RD Jacobs v Zimbabwe at Singapore, Singapore Challenge, 1999/00 [1492]
4 (4c 0st) RD Jacobs v Australia at Sydney, Carlton Series, 2000/01 [1685]
4 (4c 0st) CO Browne v Kenya at Nairobi (Gymk), 2nd ODI, 2001 [1746]
4 (3c 1st) CO Browne v Pakistan at Southampton, ICC Champions Trophy, 2004 [2181]
4 (4c 0st) CO Browne v Australia at Adelaide, VB Series, 2004/05 [2212]
4 (4c 0st) D Ramdin v Ireland at Jamaica, ICC World Cup, 2006/07 [2551]