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Zimbabwe first class: outstanding bowling (complete to end of 1998/99 season)
Compiled by John Ward

               Seven wickets in an innings (for 40 runs or less)
7/9     J T Partridge, Rhodesia v Border, at Queens Sports Club        1959/60
7/22    V E J Dickinson, Rhodesia v Eastern Prov, at Port Elizabeth    1960/61
7/25    M J Procter, Natal v Rhodesia, at Police A Ground              1966/67
7/28    P J Loader, M.C.C. v Rhodesia, at Salisbury Sports Club        1956/57
7/30    P W E Rawson, Zimbabwe v Lancashire, at Harare Sports Club     1988/89
7/30    A H Gray, Young West Indians v Zimbabwe, at Harare Sports Club 1989/90
7/31    G W Flower, Zimbabweans v Lahore City, at Lahore               1998/99
7/32    M J Procter, Rhodesia v Transvaal, at Johannesburg             1971/72
7/35    J P McNally, Griqualand West v Rhodesia, at Johannesburg       1931/32
7/36    M P Jarvis, Mashonaland v Mash Country Districts, at Harare SC 1994/95
7/37    A P Igglesden, Kent v Zimbabwe B, at Old Hararians             1992/93
7/38    P B Clift, Rhodesia v Transvaal, at Police B Ground            1973/74
7/38    E A Brandes, Zimbabwe Board XI v Griqualand West, at Kimberley 1994/95
7/40    A M B Rowan, Transvaal v Rhodesia, at Johannesburg             1947/48
7/40    R K Thorne, Border v Rhodesia, at Queens Sports Club           1959/60
               Six wickets in an innings (for 25 runs or less)
6/13    J T Partridge, Rhodesia v North-Eastern Transvaal, at Pretoria 1955/56
6/16    J G Phillips, Border v Rhodesia, at King William's Town        1929/30
6/17    A V Bedser, M.C.C. v Rhodesia, at Salisbury Sports Club        1948/49
6/19    G B Lawrence, Rhodesia v Transvaal, at Queens Sports Club      1961/62
6/20    J T Partridge, Rhodesia v Eastern Province, at Port Elizabeth  1966/67
6/20    B C Strang, Zimbabweans v New Zealand XI, at Wanganui          1995/96
               Five wickets in an innings (for 10 runs or less)                
5/8     M J Procter, Rhodesia v Border, at Police B Ground             1970/71
5/9     M J Procter, Rhodesia v Western Province, at Cape Town         1971/72


Date-stamped : 19 Sep1999 - 11:13