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Here's the fastest, easiest, most hassle free and transparent way to trade shares:, India's leading share trading website, with over 1 lakh customers. comes from ICICI, an organization that millions of Indians trust. offers hassle free share trading. It places you in charge of your investments, with its unique 3-in-1 account. (click here for more) You can check stock prices online, place a buy/sell order almost instantly, verify orders and get order confirmations online. And you do not need to chase your broker for share transfers and payments: it all happens electronically.

What’s more, you can:

  • trade in shares through cash, margin or on spot.
  • trade with market orders or during off-market hours by placing limit orders.
  • trade through in other financial instruments like mutual funds. Futures and Options coming soon!
So, if you want to join the revolution, click here to open an account.If you are not sure, please click the links alongside to understand our services better. You can even play a game or watch the product demo!

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