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With's unique 3-in-1 account, your e-broking, banking and demat accounts are completely integrated. So when you punch in a buy or a sell trade on your computer, the system checks the limit available in your bank account, the demat portfolio and then executes the trade on the exchange online. The bank account and the demat account automatically get debited or credited on settlement date.Thus, you are in charge of your own investments. You do not need to follow up your broker for payments and for share transfers.

Trading through ICICIdirect is:

Hasslefree: The integration of the three accounts enables you to get rid of all worries about tracking settlement cycles and writing cheques. Moreover, you do not need to transfer your shares or your money to a broker's pool account before trading. Your balances remain in your own account till settlement date.

Fast and transparent: You can trade in a scrip when you want to and at the price you want to.

Easy: No computer expertise required. No financial knowledge required. All you need is to see our demo and you can start trading on

Safe: uses the 128-bit encryption, the internet security system used by the best sites internationally.

Trustworthy: comes from ICICI, an organisation that millions of Indians trust.

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NRI Services

Non-resident Indians (NRI) can now also trade online. The Non-resident (External) Rupee Account and Ordinary non-resident rupee account, demat account and brokerage account are integrated. This means that buying and selling shares can be done without the hassles of settlement processes.

Investment tools

A multitude of resources such as in-depth stock research, technical analysis, MULTEX Global estimates, live news, online quotes, charts, news, research, fundamental database is just a click away and help you to make smarter and better decisions.


Know all about the latest IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) which are about to hit the market and analysis on these. IPO calendar, recent IPO listings, prospectus/offer documents, and IPO analysis are few of the features, which help you keep on top of the IPO markets.

Mutual Funds Online

You can now buy and sell mutual funds online without the hassles of filling forms. You can also switch investments between schemes of the same fund. Also create your own customized investment and redemption plan or even modify/cancel your Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) any time. You could also view your unit holdings/valuations online and say goodbye to post-dated cheques.

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