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56 k dial-up Cable Modem DSL T1 or more T3 or more
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In your experience, how long does it take for pages to load when you visit CricInfo?
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Please rate the various cricket sites you visit (including CricInfo) on the following
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Comprehensiveness of content Depth
of content
Quality of
Editorial content
Quality of
Live Coverage
Quality of Domestic Cricket Coverage
Name the cricket sites you visit often

Which of the following features on CricInfo do you find interesting and follow regularly?
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1 Live Scorecards
   11 Coverage of Domestic Cricket
2 Ball-by-ball text commentary
     12 Archives
3 News/Articles/Features
   13 Contests, Games etc.
4 Fantasy
   14 E-Greeting cards (cricket themes)
5 Celebrity columns
   15 Shopping
6 Statsguru
   16 Live Audio Commentary
7 Forums
   17 Video Highlights packages
8 Polls
   18 Live Video Streaming
9 Chat
   19 SMS Wicket/Session Alerts
10 Auctions
   20 Others (specify)

Would you be willing to pay a nominal annual subscription fee to visit CricInfo?

If you are willing to pay an annual subscription fee, which of these would you
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Must have Would be nice Not important
Exclusive servers to ensure pages load fast always
Exclusive content
Option to personalise content
Quarterly cricket round-up on CD-ROM
Customised wicket/session alerts through SMS
Web-based email account
Any other
Any other

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