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Have your say on women's cricket!

Posted by Rick Eyre on 16 May 2000
Who is going to win the World Cup in December? I can't see it being anything but an Australian victory over New Zealand in the final.

Posted by Rick Eyre on 16 May 2000
1. Australia 2. New Zealand 3. India 4. England 5. South Africa 6. Ireland 7. Netherlands 8. Sri Lanka is how I would rate the World Cup teams.

Posted by Dianne van Dulken on 18 May 2000
Surprising enough, I think not Australia. I think the home advantage will be enough to get NZ up for it. They will all have to be playing at their best, but I think they will manage it. A large part of me hopes they do, as I feel Debbie Hockley really deserves a WC before she retires. The way I see the final standings are: 1: NZ, 2: Aus, 3: Ind, 4: Eng (maybe) 5: Holland 6: RSA 6: SL 7: Ireland Holland just sneak over RSA because of the fact they are getting so much match practice, and therefore are probably going to be the most ready Cheers Di

Posted by Corella on 2 Jun 2000
what's become of the west indies' women's team.

Posted by Sally Lemons on 30 May 2000
I am disappointed at the lack of faith shown by sponsors in our great game. Why has Foxtel not taken to covering all the 'big' sixes and real 'pace' bowling. Having said that i feel as though sometimes unless you have got a girlfriend you can't get picked in a team. Thoughts?

Posted by michelle on 7 Jun 2000
Hi, I live in Durban and play for Hillary/Malvern. I just want to say that it saddens me that OUR Natal cricket Ladies have no publicity what so ever. They ask for sponsorship but no-one lends out a hand to help. A friend of mine is in the Natal team and that is how I know this. If she goes on tour she has to find R 3000.00 to pay for petrol, accomodation and uniform. I just wish someone out there could help them grow into a stronger and more confident team by sponsoring them. Thank you Michelle

Posted by piradeshwar on 7 Jun 2000
I wouldn't assume the wc will be a two horse race between nz and aus. India are very talented and look capable of winning it. In fact I think it will be an India Australia final.

Posted by Di on 8 Jun 2000
Corella, The WI still have a cricket team, in theory, but I have not heard anything about them playing a series in the near future (or, indeed, since the last world cup). They didn't do well enough in the last World Cup to qualify for this one, and they seem to suffer from the same problems that Women's cricket has world wide - lack of money and lack of recognition for efforts. According to rumours, WI women also have the disadvantage of people assuming, since they are from WI, they are going to be an extremely strong team, despite no training or facilities. I wish I could say that things were looking up, but unfortunately they don't really seem to be doing so. There are strong cricket islands, such as Jamaica, who are not even competing in the WI women's championships. di

Posted by Di on 8 Jun 2000
Piradeshwar, There is no doubt that India are the clear number 3 women's team in the world. They would be well ahead of England and RSA. They also have probably the best spin attack in the world. BUT... There is a bit of a gap between Aus & NZ and India too. I think this is purely because Aus and NZ have the huge advantage of having a yearly competition against close competitors. It does give them a bit of an edge, and they are always hungry. You could be right about India getting into the final. It wouldn't be utterly shocking. I would think it is more likely to be an India/NZ final though, because after all, anyone can lose on any given day, and NZ do have that home town advantage. They managed the Rose bowl last time at home, after all. Having said that, I still think an Aus/NZ final is the most likely. They know the conditions, they are generally the most professional teams, and they both detest losing. I would like India to get into the final, and I think it would be very good for women's cricket if they did, but I just don't think it is very likely. It is, however, far likelier than England managing it. Di

Posted by amber on 8 Jun 2000
hey whats happening for the women cricket in pakistan,, no proper polishing up of talent that they's about time they should get the go...

Posted by Sara Maclean on 8 Jun 2000
I just wanted to make a couple of points...firstly its so good to see such an excellent web site , even more so as you have significant and interesting editorial on womens cricket...being based up in edinburgh,Scotland now has ofteen made me feel very 'excluded' from all the news of the womens a big thank you. Also , and you may be aware of this already , the first,ever,Scottish Womens representative side will be playing their(our) first game at Newfields in Edinburgh. The match is on Sunday 11th June @ 1pm and is against the county side from Northumberland. Thanks again for a great site. yours faithfully Sara Maclean

Posted by piradeshwar on 9 Jun 2000
GO INDIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Carli on 9 Jun 2000
In response to Michelle from Durban. Yes, it causes great concern that Ladies cricket in SA is not supported very well. However a good relationship with mens unions is always a good place to start. I played for Northerns u19 and the Northerns Cricket Unions's Youth department secured us a sponsorship from LG Electronics. Our thanks to all involved especially Mr. Shane Gouldie, Director:Youth Cricket. It is up to all involved to promote the game and build a positive image - if we all work together for cricket I am sure we can only go forward.

Posted by Dianne van Dulken on 9 Jun 2000
Sara, If you can get a report of the match or a scorecard, please, please email it to me. I take it that you are in the national team. Congratulations! We would love to give the Scottish team as much publicity as we can, and would be more than happy to put your results on these pages. My email is Good Luck on Sunday Di

Posted by Karen Harvey on 9 Jun 2000
Are there any Women Cricketers out there who live in South Devon, UK and are interested in playing Cricket? I am a member of the South Devon Ladies Cricket team and we are on the look out for new players. It doesn't matter how good you are or even if you have never played before come along and give it a go. For more information e-mail me or ringing me on (01626) 362695.

Posted by Helen on 13 Jun 2000
Hi there! First of all I think Australia will win the world cup, however lots of preparation has gone into the England side and they are capable of going along way!! My standings are 1. Australia 2/3. England/New Zealand and 4. India. Secondly if anyone is interested in playing cricket in West Yorkshire, UK then please email me at for further details. You dont have to be good we have excellent coaching from former and current England players!!!

Posted by Carli on 14 Jun 2000
I agree with most that Australia will win the world cup, New Zealand, England and India in any order as the next three. It would probably be good for the game if there is a few upsets during the tournament - instead of it being ruled by a few teams.
I am from South Africa and would like to have contact with any woman or girls playing all over the world - you can email me : I just want to share some info and have a chat to people with a passion for the game.
Thanks for a great website - keep it up!!!

Posted by Sandra on 14 Jun 2000
Regarding Michelle's concern and Carli's response, I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with Carli's statements. Until you can prove your worth, it will ALWAYS be difficult to obtain sponsorships. However, you have to grit your teeth and work through all the obstacles, before you can reap the rewards. As a Western Province player, I have seen Women's Cricket in the Province grow tremendously over the last two seasons.
A development programme has recently seen the introduction of approximately 50 Schoolgirl's teams taking part in school league fixtures.
Two years ago, the WP squad entered a team into the WP Men's 3C league and our game has grown from strength to strength. It has become more acceptable and recognised for a women's team to play in, and win, the men's league games. In the first season, we won only 3 games, ending bottom of the log. However, this past season saw us winning approximately 8 games, drawing and losing very few. The league standings saw the WP Women's team ending 10th out of the 19 men's teams. Although the sponsorships have not started "flowing" in, we have managed to make a lot of people sit up and take note. So, Natal, hang in there, we're all struggling - but it will be worth the effort in the end.
PS Does anybody know if the SA vs England Tour scores will be posted on Crickinfo?

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