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Posted by Freddo on 23 Aug 2001
I find the comments about the European Cup very interesting. Do you know that the games played in that tournament by the England U19 side are considered "full" internationals?? Therefore Ireland can apparently quite rightly claim a win over "England". Australia has always been happy to include a one day series in Ireland when touring England (1987, 1998, 2001) and have always treated these matches as they would when playing any other country. On a more pleasing note it was good to see Scotland putting a team in. I also think England are making a mistake by not sending their senior side - I would think that these tournaments are an ideal opportunity for a team to work together outside the training environment.

Posted by Denise Malone on 22 Aug 2001
Who is the fastest woman bowler ever? And have they ever been tested and recorded by the current speed testing methods? I want to know what kind of speed women bowlers have reached for a comparison project for sports science at school.

Posted by Philip Baker on 22 Aug 2001
Hi there, is the New Zealand womens cricket team going to England next year? I have heard rumours that they are coming to tour Holland at the same time.. can anyone tell me if this is correct and if so, what dates will they be in Holland. Thankyou for any help.

Posted by Emily Killeen on 22 Aug 2001
I live in the North London area and was wondering if anyone knows of any shops which sell second hand cricket gear, particularly sizes for 13-16 year old girls. Also could Cricinfo ever publish results from major school competitions? If we made the results available? Thanks for your time, Emily.

Posted by Lucy Van der Weever on 22 Aug 2001
Hello everyone, I am from Capetown, South Africa. I love reading the Cricinfo website and all the news about womens cricket all over the world, keep up the good work please.

Posted by Carol Wilson on 22 Aug 2001
Hi, I am 12 yrs old and am wondering how old you have to be to start playing club cricket, I live in the Sussex area.

Posted by Fiona Halliwell on 20 Aug 2001
Does Ireland winning the European Cup this year mean that the rest of Europe might be blessed with the presence of England's Under-21 team at the next competition? Also, if England send their Under-19 team to the European Cup, what age-group will we see at the Under-21 European Cup next year? An Under-13 team perhaps? Its fortunate for England women's team that New Zealand and Australia don't have the same attitude to playing teams of lesser ability, I notice that their full-strength teams don't refuse to play England. Maybe New Zealand should send their Under-21 team to tour England next year instead of their full team. That would be a more competitive game, and exactly what England do to the other European teams.

Posted by Mary Grealey on 20 Aug 2001
I am a proud mother of one of the Irish Womens Cricket Team who recently won the European Cup. I am writing in response to Mr Don Miles reply to a letter regarding the medals awarded to the Irish team after winning. Lets get the facts straight Mr Miles so all Cricinfo readers can make their own judgement. The exact engraving on the medals reads as follows (I have it in my hand): ECC Womens European Championships 9th-13th Aug 2001 Winner England That is the wording which you couldn't quite recall, and please don't insult people's intelligence by saying the word England was referring to the venue. A mistake was made, either by the ECB for ordering the engraving assuming England was going to win, or by the engravers for putting the words in an incorrect order.

Posted by Theresa on 17 Aug 2001
I am attending the 2nd day of the final (5th) test in the Ashes series between England and Australia next week on a corporate event and I was wondering what is the appropriate clothes to wear ? Is there any dress code similar to horse racing or tennis ?

Posted by Don Miles on 17 Aug 2001
In answer to Michelle Murray, the inscriptions on the medals and the paperweights were to indicate that the venue was "England" not the winners. I can't recall the exact wording on them but it was something like "European Cup, England 2001". My congratulations to the Irish for a fine win and especially to Saibh Young for only the 5th hatrick in women's international ODIs. By a huge coincidence, one of the umpires, Alan Fox was also standing in the match when Julie Harris of New Zealand gained a hat trick. Don

Posted by Maria Grant on 15 Aug 2001
For all those wanting details of cricket clubs in their area, your county cricket club and/or local authority leisure/recreation department will probably have information on women's teams. Failing that, contact Lisa Drummond at the ECB on 0207 432 1273 or email her at

Posted by Michelle Murray on 15 Aug 2001
How come there is no update for the women's european cup, judging by the website the england u19's were expected to win, having said that the ecb obviously thought that too as the medals presented along with the silver plate had winners england engraved on them. This is an absolute disgrace and I presume that there will be some sort of official apology as Ireland won the tournament. It would however be nice to see a congratulations from yourselves to the irish cricket team as it was their first european cup win. The warm up australian matches also helped in their preparation for this tournament. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Regards Michelle

Posted by Richard Jones on 14 Aug 2001
My wife is very keen to play cricket, she would be a beginner but shows considerable promise!! Does anybody know of any suitable teams in the Gloucester area? Thanks

Posted by Heather Stamford on 14 Aug 2001
Hi Im living in Ealing in West London and I am interested in joining a cricket team in my area I am a beginner and fairly new to the area. If anyone knows of a team in the Ealing region please let me know. Thanks

Posted by Kate Rowan on 11 Aug 2001
Hi, I am a student at York University, and the women's team is wanting to organise a tour of South Africa next year. I was wondering if anyone would know how to go about this, and of possible ways to raise the money needed!! Thanx for reading this Kate

Posted by Asma Sayed on 11 Aug 2001
Pakistan Women's Cricket Board needs new players to play for Pakistan in the forthcoming international series. They need palyers to make a really good team. Anyone interested? Contact me at: or and I'll forward on the address you can contact.

Posted by Rachel Helen Faulkner on 10 Aug 2001
If you are interested in playing cricket and live in the Oldham, Tameside or surrounding areas, you might like to know that Saddleworth Cricket Club have set up a ladies' team. This season we are playing regular friendly matches, and will train throughout the winter, but next season we will be in a league. I'm not sure which league, but I believe that Furness and a Merseyside team are in it. I am 16 and have played cricket for 4 years, but until recently, have only played for 'mixed' or short-term girls teams for tournaments. Anyone is welcome to play, I am not aware of any age limits, and we have players of mixed experience. Our main problem is being unable to get a regular team. Training is on Thursday nights at 18:30 at Saddleworth Cricket Club (contact Steve Hesford on 01457 839522)and we all enjoy it!!

Posted by Susan Kilburn on 9 Aug 2001
Some coverage of the first women's cricket festival in Durham (24-26 July 2001) would have been appreciated.

Posted by Mel Ive on 7 Aug 2001
We are currently setting up a ladies section of our local cricket club to start next season and are looking for players, both experienced and people who have never played before. We are based in Farnham Royal, Bucks (that's about 4 miles from Slough. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Also if there are any clubs that would be interested in playing friendlies next season, please give me a shout.

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