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Posted by Lori on 24 Sep 2001
Well done to Dukesmead for reaching the plate final. I am proud of you. Unfortunately we lost, but had infact played our final the week before against Jacobs in the semi! We thought hard bowling and fielding against Hayes in the final and managed to defend 129 until the last over was bowled. The Dukesmead 17 were out after the game and Birmingham didn't know what had hit them! At least we have fun if we win or lose, no crying in your beer (It only weakens it down).

Posted by Mona Persaud on 16 Sep 2001
Cricket is one of my most favourite sport and I love playing it. I could argue with anyone at anytime when it comes to this great sport as well as play it with anyone. Growing up as a kid the only thing I remember in my childhood is playing cricket with the boys. I used to be the only girl playing among somewhat twenty or more boys everyday in the cricket field. I take on any person when it comes to this sport even in or out of the field. Cricket is my dream and passion and hope someday to prove my talent on an international team. I love playing cricket but never has the opportunity to play in a women's team, however I played in the men's team sometimes. I would really like to have the opportunity to be a professional cricketer and would like to have some information as to how I can participate in this great sport. Since this is the only way I can speak to the women's cricket world I would really appreciate it if someone can give me some information about women cricket team in North America. Please help me fulfill my dreams. Thank you.

Posted by rkanagasabay on 14 Sep 2001
It is good

Posted by pradeep on 13 Sep 2001
i love women cricket.they playing their heart out.ilove purnima&sudha.ausis team is better than men,s team.i want to know more about lady,s cricket.did they ever played VS men

Posted by freddo on 12 Sep 2001
reply to lillee - i said i "believed" not "knew" response was based on personal experience plus comments of many others

Posted by awan on 9 Sep 2001
Women cricket must progress as it is likely to generate more intrest and more people will come watch the ladies in action

Posted by jagdish on 9 Sep 2001
could any one guide the mumbai womens cricket team to tour sri lanka and play few matches with the four top teams i.e. colts ccw, duncan sc, slimline sc, colombo ywcc. we are the mumbai state team and would come on our expenses and would stay at the ymca, bristol street, colombo. we request the four clubs to give us matches. it would be good for the both the teams to learn and play. what is the best season to tour. is december 2001 or january 2002 okay to tour or what is the next best period.thanks.jagdish.

Posted by vijendra on 8 Sep 2001
Donot forget the People who have contributed immensly to WOMENS Cricket and help them to be Proud of having played for INDIA. Its about Mrs. Shoba Mundkur ( alias SHOBHA PANDIT)

Posted by Cathy Mowat on 6 Sep 2001
To all those who know me, don't panic - I have not been promoted to Captain of Gunnersbury WCC - see ECB Media Release on Premier League Final. Keely Juster is our Captain and if you want to read a more accurate report on the Final, pls. visit our website -

Posted by Anna O'Leary on 3 Sep 2001
Hello All, I am currently investigating the possiblity of heading to England/Ireland/Netherlands to play a bit of cricket and for an overseas experience. I am a member of the NZ team and an opening bat. If anyone has contacts or offers for opportunities to play cricket I would be very interested to hear from you. Please email me at Cheers Anna.

Posted by Andrea Wiggins, Corporate Affairs Officer, ECB on 31 Aug 2001
Reply to Mary Grealey, Michelle Murray and Don Miles In response to the debate you have been having about the wording on the European Cup medals, I would like to confirm that the European Cup is a tournament run by the European Cricket Council. England were delighted to host the tournament this summer, but the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) did not have the medals either commissioned or engraved. Can I suggest that if players are disappointed by the engraving they contact Ian Stuart, European Cricket Council (ECC), Lord's Cricket Ground, London NW8 8QN. I have no doubt that the ECC would, if they have not already, issue a sincere apology for what was a genuine error and seek to rectify the situation. I appreciate this is a fans forum, and apologise for the 'official' intervention, however it is important to clear up any confusion that the ECB had pre-engraved England as winners on the medals which is simply untrue. I understand from the ECC that a few tournaments have been affected in this way, including a recent U15 tournament held in Ireland also run by the ECC, which I hope dispells both the accusations of a conspiracy theory and of bigheadedness'! I will take this opportunity, on behalf of the England and Wales Cricket Board, to once again congratulate Ireland on their success. The growth of the game in Europe and the competitiveness of European matches is something that will benefit us all. As I do not want to interupt your open forum again, if anyone would like to discuss this further with me, do please contact me on 020 7432 1272 or email me at

Posted by Lillee on 31 Aug 2001
Note to Freddo, If there's "been no formal testing/checking of speeds" how do you know who the fastest woman bowler is or was?

Posted by Greg Murray on 28 Aug 2001
Being a cricket statistition, I would love to get complete scorecards on all Tests and ODI's played. Is there anyway that missing scorecards could be obtained. Love statistics. Please get the database complete is my plea.

Posted by michelle murray on 27 Aug 2001
In reply to Jo O'Hara, as far as I'm concerned I don't need to chill out. With regard to Don - he has already explained his comments perfectly to Mary Grealey & all I can do is base my original comments on his. Judging by his reply to Mary he doesn't need a spokesperson & I'm sure he will remain an avid supporter of 'English' women's cricket, which as you said you need all the support you can get. As for the rest of your comment - have you any idea what you're talking about? As for the medal issue - comments on cricinfo from a few people makes interesting discussion don't you think. I would like to say however if the roles were reversed & the European Cup held in Ireland & their "Engravers" made a 'mistake' (are you qualified to state this as the reason?) the English management, supporters, players etc. would go totally ballistic! As a nation the Irish would probably never hear the end of it. This I am sure even you would agree with. As you are the first person to mention conspiracy - was there one?

Posted by Jo O'Hara on 26 Aug 2001
Hey, chill out Michelle. Don was only trying to help, he's one of the biggest supporters of womens cricket there is and we need all those we can get. If your determined to see a conspiracy it's clear no-ones going to change your mind but people do make mistakes, even engravers.

Posted by Carole Ward on 25 Aug 2001
Reply to message posted by Heather Stamford on 14 Aug 2001. Gunnersbury play at Argyle Road, Ealing - have a look at our web site:

Posted by Don Miles on 24 Aug 2001
In reply to Mary Grealey I can only say my previous note to the Forum here was given in good faith. I looked not at the medals but at the small glass paperweights which I assume were given to one of the sides at the ceremony. I typed from memory (I hadn't written down the inscription obviously). I was there for the ceremony but too busy behind a viewfinder to take it all in. I made no attemept to insult anyone's intelligence and I hope, having typed in anger, you now realise this. I was simply passing on my own impression and that of a by-stander with whom I discussed the awards. If you would like copies of the pictures I took during that ceremony and the tournament then email me privately ( and I'll be happy to send them to you free of charge! And that goes for any of the Irish team! Your daughter has every reason to be proud of her and the team's achievement. In reply to Fiona Halliwell and anyone wondering why England sent an "age" side rather than the full England squad, I can only say it has nothing to do with me! There have been a number of times recently when I only wished I could pick the team as some of my choices might have been very different from those made. If anyone should reply to your point ... well I think they already have ... and that was eleven Irish girls on a field at Bradfield College. I hope Fiona won't mind if I say they made her point even more forcefully than she could. Lastly I can't see whay anyone might think (maybe they don't) that the result is a bad thing for women's cricket. There aren't many in England now who look at the last completed men's Test Match and say Australia should have one. They may well be the better side but ... I can't say (indeed no-one can) whether the England U-19 squad are "better" than the Irish team. I can only say they weren't on the day and that's all that matters! Well done the Irish - and if you taught England a lesson it was probably one they needed to learn. Don (Miles)

Posted by michelle murray on 23 Aug 2001
Just a note to Don Miles, if you couldn't remember the exact wording on the european cup medals, then why bother trying to make excuses for them. Did you get them made up, if so why make excuses - just apologise to the whole of Ireland, its as simple as that, why try to cover up such a monumental bigheaded mess. An occasion marred by 'whomever ordered the medals etc.' I wonder if we'll ever find out how 'this genuine error' occured! I doubt it, because according to everyone except of course the Irish players - England were meant to win! A question to also ask - did the runners up England receive the silver medals with 'Runners Up Ireland' on them - that would really be a laugh!! In response to Mary Grealey, she has every reason to be a proud mother as anyone who has ever watched Ireland play will have met her & she is renowned for her support of the team. The only point with which I disagree with her is that I doubt the engravers put the words in an incorrect order, they generally do what they are told!! Regards Michelle

Posted by Freddo on 23 Aug 2001
Denise - I believe the fastest bowler ever in women's cricket was Debbie Wilson (Australia). The current fastest bowler is Cathryn Fitzpatrick (Australia) who bowls around 125-130kph. As far as I'm aware, there's been no formal testing/checking of speeds.

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