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Have your say on women's cricket!

Posted by Sean Jones on 14 Dec 2000
It seems to me that women's international cricket is terribly unbalanced. There are two dominant teams: Australia and New Zealand. Then there's a bunch of mediocre and miserable teams. At least in men's international cricket there is some variety in team strength. But you still can't predict with a certainty who will win. With women's cricket it's just the opposite. This has made the whole world cup a bit a debacle. An Australia - New Zealand final is predictable, the only question is who will win it. The other teams, in comparison, are all second rate. I don't doubt that an Australia-B and New Zealand-B team would easily defeat many of the other international squads. To make the competition more competitive, maybe Australia and New Zealand should field B teams as well. At least that would make the competition a bit more balanced and interesting. Probably the level of women's club cricket in Australia and New Zealand is of higher class than some of these international teams. It will take time for the "minnow" countries to develop, but until that time, something needs to be done. Sean Jones. Please send copies of replies to

Posted by Tania Perera on 11 Dec 2000
Best wishes to the SL team for their next match with England. You can do it girls... and watch out for those silly runouts.

Posted by Hayley on 10 Dec 2000
Where can I find out about playing cricket next season? I live in Herefordshire, UK.

Posted by Katheryn Champion on 10 Dec 2000
In response to Andrew Hall's comment that we can 'watch' the cricket on Cricinfo - I think it's on target but it's a dire idea to propose that women's cricket should be 'relegated' to the WWW only and that we should be happy with these crumbs (once in 5 years?). I appreciate the efforts of Cricinfo, but more is needed, more often. Cricinfo have acknowledged that audio and video cannot be surpassed by providing 'some' audio and video clips along with their 'live' coverage. Not the same thing as watching it 'live' on TV. It would be nice to get to know the girls (their bowling, batting and fielding sytles and prowess). It would give us women who play the game at club and county / provincial level a chance to see what the yardstick is and how much work we have to do to get to that level. The women's cricket commentry on TV is also quite dire - I would like to see it being on par with the standards set for the men's games. P.S. Andrew are you the Gauteng and S.A. cricketer, by any chance?

Posted by Jayne simpson on 10 Dec 2000
I think it is unfair that their is not more womens cricket on Tv and that mens cricket is propmoted more.

Posted by Chellaraj on 7 Dec 2000
I would also like to know the answer to Mr. Martin's questions. Is there any information on these Indian women cricketers: Dholakia, Gupta, Singhal, Wallia, Majumdar, Mukherjee and there were two more outstanding cricketers as well: Sandhya Agarwal and M. Desai? Shanta Rangaswamy is still in the scene as is Sudha Shah. India with Gupta, Singhal, Agarwal, Desai and Dholakia would have been a formidable team challenging for the World Cup in the 1980s. Unfortunately, women's cricket never received much attention then, and does not receive much now either, even in Women's magazines such as Femina or Eve's Weekly or Women's Era. Quite a tragedy Indeed!!

Posted by Clyde Perera on 7 Dec 2000
Bringing Women to Cricket and boosting the game is an excellent idea! However, in order to improve their talents i think it is better to have more international series or tournaments in different countries which will enable them to get use to different playing conditions.

Posted by D. Martin on 6 Dec 2000
With respect, where is the complete list of Indian Test cricketers. eg Mani Singhal, Shashi Gupta, Renuka Majumdar, Rajesh Wallia, Sandra Braganza, Rajeshwari Dholakia, Mithu Mukerjee. These are just for starters.

Posted by Peter Goss on 5 Dec 2000

Posted by Chellaraj on 4 Dec 2000
I am writing this from the United States. Congratulations to the Indian women on their victory over England. They now have won three out of their last four ODIs against England, all of them abroad. As far as I know, no teams are visiting India in the near future. That is a pity!! Would actually like to see the England team visit India in the near future. If the Indian women can beat their English counterparts abroad three out of four times, they should be able to sweep the series 5-0 or 6-0 back in India and perhaps win all the tests too!! Especially would like to see how the English women would fare in front of the partisan Indian crowds at Kanpur!! Having said that, I am disappointed to note that there is not much coverage of the Indian women's triumphs in the local Indian papers. The Indian media is still fixated buy the men's match fixing scandal. May be a triumph in the World Cup would get the women more attention.

Posted by Mary E. Joseph (mitzi) on 1 Dec 2000
It was great listening to the interview with Sudha Shah! I graduated from Good Shepherd Convent, Madras in 1978. I remember standing by the field and watching Sudha, Meena, Susan and others playing cricket. Glad to know that Women's Cricket has picked up so much since then. Here, in the U.S., no one really plays the game. Some week-ends you may see a group of Indian men playing cricket on some field but I've never seen any women play here. Not yet, that is. Who knows, there may come a day when the women will play it out here too!! Good Luck!!

Posted by Fiona Nichols on 30 Nov 2000
Women's cricket is awersome. It's far more exciting then the guys and yet it still doesn't get any media coverage! Shame on the world!!You go girls.

Posted by Fred Baucke on 27 Nov 2000
Having spent an absolutely delightful weekend in Christchurch and meeting a number of identities involved in the Women's World Cup 2000, our fondest wish would be to see an upset in the uppity predictions of a NZ - Aust final. Go England Go

Posted by Helen on 25 Nov 2000
I like seeing women play sport but usually it is only netball and basketball. I think womens cricket should be seen on TV because that would be giving womens cricket a fair go. I think that it is unfair that they show mens English club soccer and not Australian womens national cricket team play. Cricket is a big sport in Australia. We just need to give womens cricket and any other womens sport a go.

Posted by Catherine Mowat on 24 Nov 2000
Reply for Sarah Berman (6th Nov.) 1) Subscription to Wicket Women - contact (ECB media relations at Lord's) 2) Cricket Week - usually 2nd week in August in Colwall/Malvern area. Contact for details/entry form

Posted by rohit kumar on 20 Nov 2000
Till the period till the Indian womens cricket team was picked recently for World cup i thought at least every thing was going fair enough in every ascept of game in womens cricket,unlike mens cricket.But i came to know that there is a player who was picked for england tour and wasent gave chance to play in 11 inspite of so many matches like test matches&one day matches,including some friendly matches.And i also came to know that she's got enough talent to fit in the team,But she was not been chosen in the worldcup squard.I just want to know that why these selectors spoils the carrier of players who've been in such a good foarm.This is not only a loss to the player but it is loss to all of us and also a loss to a country.I think cricket fame is getting screwed just because of some nasty players and some overexpected selectors.I request those people not to do that any more and not to spoil our hopes of winning matches. from, cricket lover, rohit.

Posted by Andrew Hall on 17 Nov 2000
Just a quick note to say that you can watch every game of the CricInfo Women's World Cup live on CricInfo. So you don't need TV at all! Can't wait for what should be a fantastic tournament.

Posted by Carli on 18 Nov 2000
Thanks to Cricinfo and all involved for keeping us all informed about what is happening in the world of Womans Cricket. Keep up the good work!! I look forward to your coverage of the World Cup. Good luck to all the players participating. Especially to South Africa!! Do us proud!

Posted by Dianne van Dulken on 17 Nov 2000
Message to Swati: As far as I know, no television station is planning on covering the Women's World Cup live. Sky New Zealand is planning on covering the finals, but there is (AFAIK) nothing for the rounds. Your best chance would be Sky or to contact your local sports cable company and ask when it is being shown (ask when not if, so that if they say it isn't you can act all shocked and disappointed). We (Cricinfo) will be having people to do ball by ball coverage at every game, plus regular photo updates, and video highlights, but no television information for the rounds is known at the moment.

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