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Posted by Valerie Dalgleish on 23 Jan 2001
Your advice please, - last year half way through the season We started a women's cricket team in our village. This year, now we have all the team together, we are trying to be more organised, as I've been appointed Fixutures and Press Secretary are you able to point me in the right direction for advice. Many thanks Valerie Dalgleish Great Bedwyn Ladies Cricket Team

Posted by mackenzie woods on 22 Jan 2001
womens cricket in australia has grown dramatically in the past few years as there are more and more girls joining local clubs. Although they be treated differently in the first few games, the guys soon come to relies that girls are just as good or better than boys. Now if the junior teams can acknowledge this then the ACB should give the same respect to womens cricket as they do to men that is- more advertisement,live coverage, to be included in competitions such as classic catches , and they should not be compared to the men!

Posted by Leanne Hartwig on 22 Jan 2001
I am really keen to start up cricket. I live in Johannesburg and would like to know which clubs there are where a women can join. I played abit in school in 1995 so it would be on abit of a basic level.

Posted by kim fraser on 19 Jan 2001
hey... im in the auckland u17 girls cricket team and we now have a website... come visit it\index.html please leave us a note in the guestbook!!!

Posted by Jan Barnes on 18 Jan 2001
If anyone is looking for a club in West Sussex [in the North of the region] for next season, please contact Jan Barnes, by e-mail ( We have entered the Women's 3rd Division South League for the first time this season and are looking for new players to join our squad from last year.Everyone welcome - regardless of standard and age!

Posted by Leah on 14 Jan 2001
hey everyone how come half the kiwi team is from england?

Posted by Clare Aldridge on 13 Jan 2001
Finally found the time to read my " Wicket Women " magazine and enclosures, including the CricInfo advertisments. What a great web site!Well done to Cathy and Sweany for advertising their respective clubs. Do others realise that they are missing out on such a good opportunity?! Having hung up my boots a few years ago, I am hoping that this site will provide me with the information I require to locate the whereabouts of a former team mate, Kim McDonald. Kim came to the UK, from Auckland, with her boyfriend,Warren. She resided in Watford, Hertfordshire and played club cricket for Vagabonds and area cricket for East Anglia. I believe that she returned to Australia. Please can anyone help?

Posted by Annabel Zussman on 13 Jan 2001
Are there any women's cricket teams in Auckland who might have room for a rusty cricketer recently arrived from England without any kit?

Posted by Bec on 6 Jan 2001
Congratulations to Belinda Clark and her brilliant Australian side for a fantastic effort in New Zealand. I did not move from my comfy lounge chair for the entire final was edge of your seat stuff there in the end! Well done guys....and dont worry, youll whop their butts next time! :oP

Posted by Dianne van Dulken on 5 Jan 2001
To Owen: Pakistan didn't compete in the 2000 WWC because they did not qualify for it. After the 1997 cup, the IWCC decided that it would be better if the teams were limited, both for financial and entertainment reasons. The top 8 teams from the 1997 World Cup automatically qualified for the 2000 one. Pakistan came 9th. The 2004 world cup is similar, where the top 6 teams from this world cup qualify, but the remaining two (Ireland and Holland) have to play through the world cup qualifiers for the remaining two spots. Last thing I heard, these qualifiers are likely to be held in 2002. Pakistan will have a fairly good indication of how they will do this April, when they are hosting Holland to a 7 ODI series. Cheers Di

Posted by Owen Grindstrand on 5 Jan 2001
Hi!!! I want to know why the Pakistan team didn't compete in this World cup .I want to know about their 3 players who played for the MCC England. Thanks.

Posted by BC on 29 Dec 2000
To answer all those who wonder why women's cricket is not seen on TV, it is all to do with marketing and statistics. Statistics state that only a small proportion of women are interested in sport to the point that they will sacrifice other activities to watch the extended broadcast of a netball match, much less five days of test cricket. Since most men would prefer to watch men's cricket, if given a choice, the market for women's cricket is only 5-10% of the population. The first step for any move would be to make the sport more interesting to women. Packaged in an extended highlights format, it would not require an overwhelming investment in time. It is no good decrying the telecast of men's cricket to the exclusion of women's cricket when the only ones who would be watching would be the lucky few who play and the even fewer who simply like to watch any sort of cricket (like me). It may be more profitable in effort and time to target payTV as an opening posit. On a lighter note, is it true that if Australia needed a boundary off the last ball to tie, the kiwis were going to call Trevor Chappell for lessons in underarm bowling?

Posted by BC on 29 Dec 2000
To Ursula Hyslop Try the site for Western Fury

Posted by Disgruntled Fan on 27 Dec 2000
Yesterday, during a drinks break in the test between SA and Sri Lanka, Ali Bacher (Outgoing MD of UCB) took the time to talk about the wonderful state of SA cricket. He feels that cricket in SA is doing superbly well at the moment (despite the match fixing scandals) and mentioned the progress of the U18 BOYS, U19 BOYS, young BOYS, black BOYS, white BOYS (need I go on). He rambled on about the World Cup which will be hosted in SA in 2003, and what a boost it will be for cricket in this country. He picked out a few international player's names, like Mark Boucher, Shaun Pollock, Ntini, etc. Not once did he mention Women's Cricket, despite the fact that the SA Women's Cricket Team have just come back from their second Women's World Cup after securing a semi-final spot. Not once did he mention the fact that Cape Town, South Africa will be hosting the Women's World Cup in 2005. Not once did he mention the Women's game in any of his praises of South African Cricket. So, CricInfo, here's a challenge for you. This man is obviously unaware of any happenings in Women's Cricket around the world. Maybe you should get hold of his e-mail address and send him the daily CricInfo Newsletter. Better yet, mail him all the articles from the World Cup. Thank you Dr Bacher...for nothing!!!

Posted by Ursula Hyslop on 23 Dec 2000
WOW what a thrilling game of cricket between Australia and New Zealand. On the edge of your seat stuff. Well done to the Kiwis. You'll get'em the next time Australia. I am addicted now and want to play more than ever, can someone help me out here in Perth.

Posted by Ann & Fred Baucke on 23 Dec 2000
Fantastic game, SUPERB result. Congratulations to ALL the NZ team. Being related to one of the English team ladies, we would have loved to see them figure in the results, but the most important thing was that someone stuck it to the Aussies!!!!!!! Hope you do it again next time you meet them....

Posted by Freddo on 20 Dec 2000
To Ash Everything is the same EXCEPT the size/wt of the ball which is slightly smaller.

Posted by Ash on 19 Dec 2000
Question. Are the balls, bats, stumps and rules in womens cricket exactly the same as in the mens cricket?, I'm curious because a friend of mine said the rules were differant. Thankyou.

Posted by Jill Saulbrey on 15 Dec 2000
C'mon Kiwis-you can do it. Thanks Cricinfo for the coverage, it's certainly better than trying to find out results from the press.

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