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Have your say on women's cricket!

Posted by Asma Sayed on 24 May 2001
I think its really important to promote women's cricket.Girls in my college (Mount Carmel College for Women-Bangalore)are so good in cricket. Some of them include SriValli (who's passed out this year) , Rashmi Shivshankar , Janice D'cunha ...they really play so well and I think it would be fascinating to watch a women's cricket team on television w/ as much enthusiasm as the men's world cup.I know so many people who are extremely talented in this sport ( including Nooshin AlKadir of Jyothi Nivas Of Bangalore) and it would be a pity to see this talent wasted when there are no sponsors or television rights.But the current trend by CricInfo is really good , They're doing a really good job promting women's cricket.

Posted by Leah Poulton on 23 May 2001
I am a female cricketer from Newcastle Australia trying to raise funds to attend a cricket tour to the UK and Ireland with New South Wales Combined High Schools. As part of my fundraising I am trying to sell an Australian Women's cricket vest worn by the team in the last World Cup. The vest has been signed by 13 Australian team members. If you are interested in buying the vest please email me.Thanks

Posted by Maria Grant on 21 May 2001
New women's team in Blackburn/Accrington area of Lancashire seeks new players. All levels of ability & interest catered for - minimum age is 12. Practices and home games on Weds evenings. Based at Church & Oswaldtwistle cricket club just outside Blackburn. For more information ring 01254 662766

Posted by Sadia on 21 May 2001
This is in Reply to message posted on 15th MAY by Mr. Iqbal: The differences between the women cricket associations cannot be denied. The reports in the news papers are the proof. Instead of denying the differences efforts should be made to resolve them and prevent them from appearing in the newspapers. When the Dutch team had arrived in Karachi for playing the 7 one dayers with one association, the other association had filed an appeal in Lahore High Court to stop the one dayers. I read about them every day in Lahore in the local news papers. Is'nt that called the 'differences'. Anyhow it is good if one association has been accepted as the 'official' by International Women's cricket council. But I think there is still some case in the High Court and Pakistan Cricket Board has'nt accepted any women association as 'official'. If it has then please correct me.

Posted by Maria Grant on 21 May 2001
New women's team in Blackburn/Accrington area of Lancashire seeks new players. All levels of ability & interest catered for - minimum age is 12. Practices and home games on Weds evenings. Based at Church & Oswaldtwistle cricket club just outside Blackburn. For more information ring 01254 662766

Posted by Mohd. Iqbal on 15 May 2001
with reference to the message posted on May 01, 2001 and for all those who visit this popular web site, I would like to put this record straight that there is NO fight objections by the PWCCA for ANY women cricketers to join the Pakistan Women's Cricket Team. PWCCA which is the OFFICIAL member of the International Women's Cricket Council has always maintained the above statement. PWCCA has also NEVER tourned to Pakistan Cricket Board (men's) to intervene because I am sure that you will agree that Pakistani women are now strong and confident enough to make their own grounds and stand with their own individual identity. Any one interested in Playing for Pakistan, Please contact at the following address: Pakistan Women's Cricket Control Association, P.O.Box:5393, Karachi, Pakistan. From: Mohd. Iqbal, Media Secretary, PWCCA.

Posted by Rhian on 7 May 2001
Does anyone have any information on opportunities to play cricket abroad?

Posted by Saliha Javid on 6 May 2001
Hi. Im 14 years old and want to play for Pakistan. I think its great that women are being involved in this more and more and that its not recognised only as a mans game now. Hopefully one day there will be as much emphasis on womens cricket just as much as there is on mens cricket. Is it possible if you can advise me on what i can do to progress myself. Thank you.

Posted by Sadia on 1 May 2001
Pakistan cricket board cannot be blamed for the slow progress of women's cricket in Pakistan. It is women cricket players of Pakistan who are to blame. Despite all the appeals of the Pakistan Cricket board and International Women Cricket bodies they have'nt stopped from their infighting and for the control of women's cricket. The fact is that Pakistan women players are divided on the ethnic grounds. The two teams and their respective associations who are based in Karachi and Lahore respectively are still fighting with each other. They have taken their matter in High Court. They are stupid enough not to be able to resolve their differences. Their mentality is no compromise and total control. Both sides have good players and if a team is formed from the good players from both sides then we can even defeat AUS and NZ. But we are stupid enough not to unite and keep fighting and keep taking their case to men for resolution. So if any one has to be blamed its we not the Men's Pakistan Cricket Board. That day is coming soon when Pakistan Women's team might be banned from taking part in International events.

Posted by Ayesha Farooq on 23 Apr 2001
Congatulations to the Pakistan women's crricket team for winning th the historic series against thee Dutch women's in Karachi Pakistan. It s not only an acheivement for the Pakistan Women's Cricket Team but for a the Sportswomen and all the women of Pakistan. Th Pakistani Team has proved their worth and proved their point. A SLAP ON THE CHAUVINIST PAKSTAN CRICKET BOARD!!!

Posted by Jakoba on 19 Apr 2001
Hi, I'm Jakoba from Germany. I was/am on the Rotary youth exchange in Hamilton/ Victoria in Australia. I love Cricket and played it at school in Hamilton and wasn't too bad. it was lots of fun. I'm going back to Germany in July and I'm woundering if there are any Cricket Teams or Clubs in Germany? I really would love to keep playing. Thank you for your help! Jakoba

Posted by nazia on 17 Apr 2001
really wonderful what the pakistanis did to holland....only very very very dissapointing that the dutch don't pay attention to it at all........such a amazing sport...

Posted by Freddo on 17 Apr 2001
I reckon it'd be great to see the top state/provincial/county sides from each country compete. What do you think?

Posted by Ehsan on 15 Apr 2001
To add on to my previous comments regarding Pakistani Women team: The most amazing aspect is 12 years old player Sajjida Shah who lead Pakistan Women to the thrilling one-wicket victory against Holland in the first one day match and was declared woman of the match for her excellent match-winning knock. As far as my information goes there is no cricketer who started representing his/her country in an international one day at this young age. I think 12 year old Sajjida Shah has made the history.

Posted by Ehsan on 14 Apr 2001
What a pleasant surprise. Its really amazing that Pakistani women have won the series against the Dutch by winning the fourth match. They have done an excellant job. But now they should do some thing to remove the differences among the two Pakistan Women Cricket Associations both of which claim to be the official Women Association in Pakistan and unite them selves behind one Women Cricket Association to take on the teams like NewZealand. Good Work, Keep it up.

Posted by Sarah Hill on 13 Apr 2001
The ball by ball summaries that you did on the state insurance was awesome!!!!! Good reading!!! There does how ever need to be more cricket on TV - even if it is just on TV 1, 2, or 3. The public are becoming more and more aware of the talent growing in Woman's cricket. They are now finding it more enjoyable to watch cause you see matches and not 30 seconds on the news. Often people ask me why there is no cricket on TV and I don't know what to tell them, just that we are not high profile enough yet. Anyway, that is my bit, I'll let you get on with it. Thanks for your time. By the way this website is awesome!!!! Regards Sarah Hill

Posted by Rosemary B on 11 Apr 2001
As a really keen follower of women's cricket in the UK, despite never having played to any real level myself, I fear this summer's tour by Australia, will only go to emphasise the need for administrators and players in England to rethink the club/area set up women play, in favour of a regional competition which will allow players to compete at a higher standard and achieve a higher skill base to face the strength of the Aussies. Do any players out there agree/disagree?

Posted by Bill on 7 Apr 2001
Hello. I'm a little disaoppointed in the fact that the Dutch media showed NO intrest at all in the fact the the Dutch women cricket team are the first to have a tour at Karachi/Pakistan. All the seven (yes 7 !!) one-days-internationals will shown on national television over there and i can't see or hear a thing of it, except on cick-info!

Posted by Catherine Mowat on 6 Apr 2001
Msg for Felicity Goodwin Once you have decided where you will be based when you come to UK, get in touch with the ECB at Lord's Cricket ground. They will advise you of women's clubs in the area where you are based. You will have to join a Club to be eligible to play County cricket and normally, you will have to attend County Trials to be selected.

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