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Cricinfo employs over a hundred people in four locations across India, Australia, South Africa and Sri Lanka. We hire high-calibre professionals from a variety of disciplines, including Technology, Sales, Editorial, and Marketing. At Cricinfo we understand that our people are our greatest asset, and recruiting and retaining the best employees is a primary objective. That's why Cricinfo offers an exciting work environment that encourages creativity, initiative, and professional growth.


Cricinfo provides comprehensive benefits to full-time salaried employees of the company. We update our compensation and benefits policies regularly by participating in industry surveys. Among the benefits provided are:

Health Health
Employees and their dependents are covered under company-paid health and accident insurance programmes.
Paid holidays Paid holidays
Cricinfo observes 11 holidays a year for salaried employees, apart from leave and weekly offs.
Superannuation Superannuation
Cricinfo conforms to statutory requirements and provides employees with Employee Provident Fund and Employees Gratuity Benefits, payable as per the provisions of the applicable acts.
Referral Bonus Programme Referral Bonus Programme
Cricinfo encourages employees to refer their friends and relatives who they believe would strengthen the building of the organisation. Employees who refer candidates are eligible for a referral bonus, payable after 90 days of successful service by the referred employee.
Work Culture
Work Culture
Kanishkaa Balachandaran Kanishkaa Balachandaran
A Cricinfo job is the object of much envy among those slogging in the IT sector or servicing foreign clients at a BPO. As a commerce graduate who worked at a call-center, I speak from experience. Upon hearing of an opening, I grabbed the chance and worked for 15 months for Cricinfo's Customer Relations team in Chennai. While I dabbled with cricket writing on the side, I was offered an editorial position in Mumbai. Cricket journalism has trained me to be a neutral observer, unlike a typical fan who is often prone to bias and even irrational judgment concerning his/her favourite team. While the maddening volume of cricket these days means the job is not as cushy as initially thought, the satisfaction I get serving millions of cricket fans is unmatched. The best part of my job is living and working on my own terms in the company of like-minded people.
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