Life at Cricinfo - Work Culture at Cricinfo

Clarity of objective:

Cricinfo has a strategic roadmap and aligns all roles towards meeting the organisationís objectives. Every employee works towards these common objectives.

Performance-orientation and quality:

Our employees are motivated, take initiatives, and are driven by the desire to excel. Everyone at the company understands the importance of quality in our deliverables, and is focused on quality in every activity to ensure customer delight.


The power of technology is leveraged to share information and disseminate knowledge widely so that Cricinfo employees at all levels continuously learn and innovate to create a competitive advantage for the organisation.

Career system and competency framework:

The career system provides clarity to everyone at Cricinfo about his or her position, roles and responsibilities, and career path. This system articulates the competencies required for every position and helps each person find internal growth opportunities. The roles and responsibilities expect a stretch but does not set any unrealistic work expectations.

Learning and development:

The training and education opportunities at Cricinfo enable employees to develop critical life skills, communication skills and leadership skills, thus creating a mature, thinking and contributing workforce. Competency gaps of employees are identified and training is designed to facilitate effective performance on their current roles and their growth within the organisation.

Transparency, trust and integrity:

Cricinfo believes in nurturing a climate of transparency, where all employees are treated equally. All our employees exhibit trust and integrity in their interactions with customers, colleagues and vendors.

Work culture at Cricinfo:

Cricinfo values and rewards performance. We believe that great organisations are built around individuals working together with passion and commitment to meet common objectives. Such passion can exist only in an environment that values integrity, trust, empowerment, innovation, openness to new ideas, tolerance, and pro-activeness in managing change.

Teamwork and informal work culture:

Cricinfo fosters an atmosphere of professionalism blended with strong personal relationships to facilitate better teamwork towards common objectives. Organisational hierarchies are for administrative convenience, and our open-door policy and other interaction forums foster an informal and friendly work culture that contribute towards career growth and personal evolution of every employee.

Work-life balance:

The key to achieving a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship is for every employee to have a healthy work-life balance. Cricinfo does not put employees under unreasonable pressure at work, and encourages them to plan their day-to-day lives and also utilise their vacation time to be with family.

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