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Work Culture
Work Culture
At Cricinfo we believe that employees are the most vital assets of the company. We encourage a transparent work environment that can serve as a trigger to facilitate accountability, trust, communication, responsibility and above all a sense of achievement and belongingness. This in turn benefits the company in terms of a stronger, reliable work force harboring bright new ideas for its growth.

Shared Direction

We believe in shared values that engender trust and link an organization together. These values are stated as both corporate objectives and individual values. Every organization and every leader has a different set of values that are appropriate to its business situation.

At Cricinfo, we share a collective understanding, reflected in day-to-day actions, of what the company stands for, where it is going, and how it achieves desired results.

Performance Execution

"We believe in self-driven people who push themselves harder than anyone else can - people who are constantly 'toiling upwards in the night', We are oriented towards harnessing their accumulated knowledge, skills and commitment for the timely accomplishment of all tasks necessary to achieve desired results.

Culture of communication

Instant and open communication for all employees is actively followed to ensure transparency at all times. This is driven by the belief that employees are the best brand ambassadors and need to be armed with information to play this role well. Given the need for speed and flexibility, a majority of top management communication on topics like product launches, new initiatives and achievements, short- and long-term goals and targets, organic and inorganic growth are usually sent via email.

This is augmented with a printed quarterly newsletter brought out for organizational news and direction.

The corporate intranet "Teamplace" plays a supplementary role in ensuring online access to all corporate announcements, updated policies, current projects, and an entire gamut of information.

Learning & Development

We invest in on-going training and skills development through seminars and workshops, and give high weightage to information sharing both within functional teams and between teams working in different business domains. The idea is to create a self-sustaining culture that produces more energy than it consumes and which inspires ordinary people to flourish in an increasingly turbulent world.

We encourage employees to enhance their knowledge, skills etc through external courses. Study scholarships are also provided as per due process for employees pursuing higher studies commensurate to their jobs.

Culture of Fun

We are a cricket organization and cricket is our colour, passion, affiliation religion etc. We believe passionately in the sport which unifies India across all boundaries and seek to bring the fun and passion of cricket to the workplace. Each floor has its own small pitch and cricket gear is kept in the office for employees to play the game. We believe in a relaxed, informal and sharing atmosphere amongst all employees. An Annual Cricket Competition is organized where teams from Cricinfo fight fiercely to win the Winners cup. Apart from that other fun activities are also organized to keep the atmosphere fun and relaxed. The idea is to make people want to come to office everyday in anticipation.

Birthdays of all employees are celebrated at the office. Festivals like Ugadi, Diwali, Onam, Christmas and others are celebrated in a festive atmosphere of food and games.

With a vibrant, fun-filled and dynamic environment powered by a unifying spirit each Cricinfoite brings a unique passion to enjoy his/her work, enhancing and building the Cricinfo culture.

Collaborative environment

We believe in a collaborative culture where employees of Cricinfo work together work together effectively and are guided by a common purpose. Employees respect each other, value their differences and are open to each other's ideas. Cross-functional teams pool their collective intelligence and stimulate creative thought to improve performance, creating a boundary less environment where ideas flow to produce positive results.

Community Initiatives

We are well aware of our responsibility towards the community and have undertaken several development initiatives in the locations where we operate.

Some of the initiatives include collaboration with Samarthanam to promote Cricket Training Camps for the blind, tying up with Family Services to donate gifts to orphaned children during Christmas, organizing Voter Registration drive in collaboration with Jaagore and many other similar initiatives.

Work Culture
Medini MangalaMedini Mangala
Eating and cricket are my two great passions; the latter was the more realistic career option. My college professors, who knew of this, immediately alerted me upon hearing of a vacancy at Cricinfo, and I soon found myself with an offer letter. The part of my job I enjoy most is talking to cricket stars, and experiencing the childish joy of ’being known’ by them. People are warm and cordial here, and I hope my association with this organisation continues for a long time, as it helps combine the pleasures of working with watching cricket. Statsguru is my favourite feature of the website for it keeps me up-to-date with the latest figures, and provides an exciting tool to compare various aspects of the game. I am a devoted India fan, and Rahul Dravid is the cricketer I admire the most.
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