Micro Payment option details

For the first time, Wisden CricInfo is offering a micropayment option to users for buying low-price products without having to enter their credit card details for each small purchase.

Cricinfo has tied up with Yaga, a San Francisco-based payment services specialist to provide the micropayment option to users. Yaga's powerful application has processed more than 50 million transactions and more than 11 million accounts worldwide, and is backed by world-class infrastructure and technology. Yaga is fast, simple and secure.

When you buy a Premium product for the first time on CricInfo, you will be prompted for your credit card details which Yaga will store in a secure encrypted manner. When you buy any product subsequently, you won't need to type in your credit card details again. You will be just one click away from buying. You can click on the "My Account" link to review your account at any time.
Date-stamped : 09 Jan2004 - 07:16