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What you can find

About our live scoring

Cricinfo's 'live score coverage' and trademark text commentary has been the mainstay of the site for nearly 14 years, having kicked off in 1992. If you are a regular user you will know all about the information you can get on the main scorecard page - ball-by-ball score updates, with current batsmen and bowlers highlighted. What you may not know is the treasure trove of information you can get if you dig just a bit deeper...

Central column

Full scorecard - Links you to the standard age-old cricket scorecard with all players from both sides listed with all innings and bowling figures displayed

Text commentary - the original and best cricket text commentary - the most popular part of our service! During all Tests and ODIs you can read written comments from each delivery bowled. As it this is manually entered by one of our scoring team, there is a very human aspect to the coverage - and you get much more than just the bare facts. Also look out for the odd bit of humour, though please don't report anything you read to any official Cricket authorities!

We display the last 5 overs on the main page and at the foot of the page there is a link to the full match commentary. Read all about our team of commentators here or check out some of our favourite passages of play from Cricinfo's past ball-by-ball commentary.

Left hand nav

Series home - links to our index page for the series or tournament in which the match you are following is taking place. You can catch up with the latest news, check out past matches and read some of the in-depth colour features from the series or tournament.

Team sites - takes you to the dedicated Cricinfo homepage for the team that is playing.

Scorecard options
- Main scorecard - takes you back to the scorecard front page if you have navigated away from it.

- Full scorecard - the traditional scorecard with the full match details.

- Desktop scoreboard - boots up a small box-like application that sits on your desktop. It contains the key match information, such as overall team score, batsmen currently in and bowlers currently bowling. It is much smaller than a full web page and allows you to follow the match more discretely - minimise it, and you can still see the score. Perfect for when you are at work.

Text commentary
- Commentary - the complete match commentary and with further options to explore. On the left hand side you may notice a panel containing innings-by-innings 'Fours', 'Sixes', 'Wickets'. By selecting one of these it simply filters the commentary in that innings for those options, so you don't need to trawl down a long page to read about Andrew Flintoff's four 6s in an over off Brett Lee.

- Highlights - quickly catch up on the action by selecting this link and reading through our pre-selected highlights of the days play. Gives you access to 'Fours', 'Sixes', 'Wickets', as well as each innings played by each player, and every ball bowled by each bowler.

Match coverage
- Bulletin - the live match report of the game you are following.

- Article index - an index of all news & feature articles written about the match.

- Photo index - all the latest images from the match.

Stats & Analysis (every page in this section updates live, ball-by-ball)
- Wagon wheels - the standard Wagon Wheel diagram for each batsmen's innings.

- Player v player - the ball & runs information for each batsmen against each bowler.

- Over comparison - compare the over-by-over situation for each team's innings alongside each other.

- Live career averages - follow how every player's career statistics adjusts per every run scored and every ball bowled.

- Live series averages - follow how every player's series statistics adjusts per every run scored and every ball bowled.

Other live scores - go to our general live index page and from there you can move to any of the other live matches that we are covering at that time.