Every May St Lucia moves to the beat of the jazz festival
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Each year in the capital, Castries, throngs of people jam the streets in colourful costumes
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Chris Read

Reading the conditions

England wicketkeeper Chris Read, who played in both of Englandís only appearances at Beausejour in 2004, gives his verdict on the stadium...

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The views are pretty incredible, itís not far from the beach so thereís a great view of the hills and forests. Itís a very beautiful ground with a wonderful setting. Certainly getting out to the sea for some sailing and deep-sea fishing has to be an option when visiting St Lucia Ė it is for me and any length of stay on the island provides great opportunities to indulge.

Itís certainly a nice change to play in St Lucia as a lot of the grounds in the Caribbean are in major cities. The Beausejour Cricket Ground is brand new and you have to commend the authorities for building it outside the city; it creates a wonderful atmosphere, like the fans have gone out of their way to have a party. Hopefully they have the infrastructure and transport links there to make it all work for the World Cup as the local area is literally a 10-15 minute drive from the main track. When everything is complete it will be an amazing few weeks Ė the fans will fall in love with the island and the ground.

Itís a little hard to tell Englandís chances at the World Cup as a lot can happen in a year. I think it will be a pretty open contest with not much of a home advantage. I imagine a lot of the pitches will be flat and a lot of runs will be scored. Being just off the sea thereís a bit of breeze too but on such good batting wickets bowlers might struggle a bit.