Every May St Lucia moves to the beat of the jazz festival
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Each year in the capital, Castries, throngs of people jam the streets in colourful costumes
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Historial attractions

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Fond Doux Estate
Fond Doux Estate is nested in the scenic town of Soufriere. This 250-year old working estate has spectacular views of natural landscapes, flowering trees, birds and a variety of citrus and fruit trees. The original plantation house, built in 1864, still exits today.

La Sikwi Sugar Mill
The Sugar Mill known as La Sikwi (patois translation) is situated on the Invergoil Estate in Anse La Raye. The mill was built in 1860 for the manufacture of molasses and crude raw sugar which was shipped to England at that time. The estate switched to the production of cocoa and citrus crops such as limes, oranges and grapefruit which eventually led to the production of lime oil and lime juice for export. It is now a museum documenting the sugar industry with pictorial interpretations of the era.

Morne Coubaril Estate
Experience the wonders of a working family plantation. Walk among tropical flowers and fauna. Smell fresh coffee and cocoa and learn family secrets on how cocoa, copra and manioc is processed.

Balenbouche Estate
Balenbouche Estate is a unique property nestled on the south-western coast of St. Lucia, between Choiseul and Laborie. The traditional estate house, a home and historical attraction, is surrounded by enchanting tropical gardens and the remains of an 18th century sugar mill. The fascinating past of Balenbouche, begins with the Amerindians, then to the processing of sugar cane, as well as present day life and work on the plantation.

Pigeon Island National Park
This area was once a strategic point where English troops were able to fend off or be alerted of oncoming French combatants in their quest to retain Britain's hold on the beautiful island. This park is also home to the best party in the Caribbean "St. Lucia Jazz".