Every May St Lucia moves to the beat of the jazz festival
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Each year in the capital, Castries, throngs of people jam the streets in colourful costumes
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St Lucia's top attractions

Jungle boogie

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Twenty-nine miles of cool, enchanting trails run through St Lucia’s sprawling rainforest. Each mile offers something new, something fresh; a melee of brilliant colours painted by rare plants and birds, trees teasingly circled by climbing plants that provide perches for the hummingbirds. Although most trails are quite strenuous, the Barre De L’isle Trail takes only two hours. Bridging east and west St Lucia, the trail has lookout points that reveal everything that is naturally beautiful about St Lucia ... For a paralysing view of Mt Gimie, St Lucia’s highest peak, head for the Edmund Forest Reserve. The trek through lush forest packed with mushrooms, orchids and a variety of plants takes a little under four hours ... At the foot of Mt Gimie is Enbas Saut, the highlight being the two glorious waterfalls found at the head of the Troumassee river ... If you’re after real seclusion, Des Cartiers Rainforest is the hardest to get to but just as rewarding, with St Lucia’s wildlife apparently on a mission to show off to tourists.