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Who is making the World Cup happen on St Lucia?

Trevor A, Philip - Managing Director, Trevor A Philip Agencies Ltd (Shipping Agency)

Immediate Past President Saint Lucia National Cricket Association.

Involvement in Sports:

  • Sporting activity ;cricket, football ,Tennis (school and club levels)
  • Responsibility; President, Vide Bouteille Cultural Club
  • President; St. Lucia National Cricket Association
  • Immediate Past President SLNCA (Current)

    'Up until the construction of the Beausejour Cricket Ground by the Government of Saint Lucia, the game seemed to be on the decline in Saint Lucia. However this development, together with the successful hosting of several international matches has once again regenerated interest. Several initiatives introduced during those matches have put Saint Lucia on a good footing in the preparation for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Also the positive reaction from the cricketing world has assisted in galvanizing support for the event. This has also given rise to some competition between the host territories which can only augur well for the success of the event.'

    Uralise Delaire - Teacher

    Presently the 3rd Vice President of the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association.

    Involvement in sports:

  • Certified level 1 Cricket Coach (2004)
  • Assistant Secretary- St. Lucia National Cricket Association (1992 - 1994)
  • Assistant Secretary St. Lucia National Women's Cricket Association (1996 - 1998)
  • President of St. Lucia National Women's Cricket Association (2001 - 2005)
  • Holder of a CARIFTA bronze Medalist in the ladies 4X400 m in 1992

    'St. Lucia is perhaps one of the most ready or better prepared venues for the upcoming CWC. Preparations are well on their way and on time. I have no doubt that we will are well on the way to hosting the best CWC ever.'

    Emmanuel Bellas - Teacher

    Physical education teacher.

    Involvement in sports:

  • Club Football – Coach
  • Club Cricket – Coach
  • Track and Field coach

    'Generally, the cricket world cup committee has done a lot in terms of education and sensitizing the public. There is a lot of debate and involvement at the community level which indicates that information is being filtered down to the grass roots level. A lot of infrastructural work is being done to facilitate easier movement of persons, as well as to aid in the general organization of world cup.

    I am hoping that as a result of St. Lucia hosting cricket world cup, particularly as we have top teams like New Zealand and England, this will serve as an impetus to motivate more young persons to get involved in cricket, after being exposed to cricket at such a high level. As it stands now, I am dissatisfied with the level of commitment and participation of cricket in St. Lucia, and hope that cricket world cup will bring about a resurging interest in the sport.'

    Vaughn Andrew Charles - Marine Resource Manager

    Involvement in sports:

  • First and Second division cricket for Saint. Lucia National Team.
  • Liasion Officer for the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association

    'The involvement of the government and the people of St. Lucia in cricket is paramount to the development of the sport in the region, since cricket is seen as the people’s sport, the uniting force which transcends all boundaries in the Caribbean.

    St. Lucia's preparation for Cricket World Cup 2007 is excellent as there seems to be a lot of proactive planning and foresight by the government and relevant authorities, which gave us a competitive advantage, which was complemented by public sensitization via the St. Lucian media.'

    Fortuna D. C. E Belrose - Operations Manager, Cricket World Cup Saint Lucia Incorporated

    Current member of the Board of the St. Lucia Olympic Committee and other sporting bodies.

    Involvement in sports:

  • Chef de Mission for Saint Lucia to Commonwealth Games 2003 & 2006
  • President of St. Lucia National Netball Association 1997-2002.
  • Manager of the National Women Football Team 2000 to CONCACAF Finals.
  • Member of the St. Lucia Task Force on Sports 1999 –2001
  • Coordinator of the 1997 West Indies Under 15 Cricket Tournament
  • Manager of St. Lucia’s team to Francophonie Games in Morocco, 1989
  • Chaperon O.E.C.S Track and Field Team to Barbados, 1987

  • Netscaler