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What does the World Cup mean to St Lucia's locals?

Randolph Joseph - Taxi Driver
'The hosting of the ICC Cricket World Cup in Saint Lucia will bring additional income to Taxi Drivers due to increased arrival of visitors. Itís a good thing considering it will be the first time in the Caribbean that such a thing is happening. All in the tourism industry will benefit.'

Kim Willie - Rap Musician
'Though I am not a cricket fan, I see great benefits to local musicians as they will be able to sell their music to all the people who will be coming to Saint Lucia for the Cricket.'

Fenna Williams - Sales & Marketing Manager (Hotel)
'Saint Lucia will get maximum exposure with minimum costs. The occupancy level for hotels is expected to be at its highest which can only be beneficial to all as this will also impact positively on tours and restaurants. Businesses should consider offering special packages during that period.'

Albert Francis - Hotel Worker
'A number of hotels are already fully booked for the period and I expect the benefits to trickle down to the man on the street. For me personally I am looking forward to renting one of my apartments during that time as I am told there will be need for home accommodation.'

Akeem Mcphee - Student
'Itís a great opportunity for Saint Lucia to become known and popular as a small nation. I can also see financial benefits. I think it will also inspire our young cricketers who are still in school.'

Jenevie Noel - Banker
'I see lots of foreign exchange coming in during that period. The farmers and vendors will benefit through the sale of products and goods. There will also be a lot of exposure for Saint Lucia on the International stage.'

Timothy Poleon - Media/Talk Show Host
'The country is embarking on a huge undertaking but I believe the authorities will ensure the successful hosting of the event as the countryís reputation is at stake.'

Gilroy Hall - Teacher
'There are so many benefits to Saint Lucia from business opportunities to marketing Saint Lucia and I can see all facets of business having the opportunity to make money. The exposure to cricket at that level by our young people will really motivate them to get involved in sports of all kind.'

Kallix Xevier - Policeman/Calypsoian
'Hosting the Cricket World Cup next year is good and will give Saint Lucia international exposure. The expected influx of visitors to the island will see greater revenue to our tourism industry and people. As a result of this expected influx, the islandís security will have to be heightened to ensure a safe environment during that time.'

Gaspard Henry - Vendor
'I strongly believe that Saint Luciaís hosting matches in the Cricket World Cup is a good thing for the country and its people. Saint Lucia should try to capitalize on the many benefits the games will bring. The economy will also benefit but it will take a little time as it will not grow immediately, but, to have the entire world watching cricket at Beausejour is a boost as there will be people who have never heard of Saint Lucia seeing the beautiful sights and scenery.'

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