Submitting material to CricInfo

CricInfo is constantly seeking to improve its database through additions from our many contributors. Nearly all the material in CricInfo has been contributed by volunteers, and we depend on users like yourselves to contribute new material. We are looking for contributions of:- Before submitting anything, please check whether the material is already in Cricinfo. If you are not sure, please mail our archive maintainers, before submitting.


We are pleased to accept contributions in any form that you may wish to send. We would prefer, however, if you can do as much formatting for us as possible. Articles are best sent as text files, with no more than 63 characters/ line. Sources must be identified in the following format:-
Source :: AN Other

Idenfication of sources is important so that we can trace copyright. Please check our copyright guidelines before submitting articles (scorecards and statistics are not copyright, although the original source should be identified).

Our scorecards are in a standard format, and if you are entering a card from scratch, the closer you can get to this the better. Some utilities for assisting in this can be found in the software area of CricInfo, and we also have a guide and examples available.

Submitting to CricInfo

The easiest way to get any information to us is by e-mail to:-

You may also wish to try our experimental form submission. Once your file arrives in our mail boxes, it will eventually appear on CricInfo. We are working on a procedure that will notify you when your submission is archived. Generally, our highest priority is towards archiving of scorecards and reports from current matches and seasons, so older material may take some time. If you don't see your material on CricInfo within a week, please e-mail us to make sure we have not forgotten!

CricInfo and Copyright

We are attempting to ensure that we have permission to archive all our information. Any authors or artists wishing to archive original articles, photographs, drawings or other material are particularly welcome. We will ensure that the original author is always acknowledged. A list of sources from which we have obtained permission is given below.

Internet copyright issues are still in a state of confusion, but we are using the following guidelines.


Permission should be sought in the following cases

From a copyright prose work:

From a copyright work of poetry:- The above convention was arrived at by the Society of Authors and the Publisher's Association in 1981. Some publishers and authors will deem fair, and therefore make no charge for, quotation well above the above convention, but others may not: Courtesy and common sense alike suggest that, if in any doubt, permission should be sought.


In general photographs can only be archived if we have permission from the holder of the orginal copyright. We are very interested in the work of any photographers who may wish to use CricInfo as a showcase for their work.


Listed below are the sources who have given us permission to reproduce their articles and other material. We are very grateful to all these organizations for their support of CricInfo. we would be very interested in expanding this list further.


The Electronic Telegraph.
The Daily and Sunday Telegraph
Articles from Wisden and Wisden Cricket Monthly (if permission specifically obtained)


The Hindu


Dawn News Service

Sri Lanka

Lanka Internet services (Daily News, Sunday Observer)

South Africa

The Star
The Sunday Times

West Indies

Trinidad Guardian
The Jamaican Gleaner


The Canadian Cricketer

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