Cricinfo score and news update ticker

Stay up to date with the latest cricket scores and breaking news with Cricinfo's new ticker.

Download Cricinfo ticker
    After saving to your PC, double click on the application and when it is installed, run it from your "All Programs" list.
Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or above:
  • If you do not have JRE 1.5, click here for a free download.
- Live score updates as you work
- Breaking news headlines on your desktop
- Click on the link to launch the Cricinfo scorecard or read the full news story
- Minimise the ticker when you don't wish to see it
- Choose your country, or domestic or international news and scores
- Change the appearance with your chosen text style and colours

Ticker instructions
  • To go to the Cricinfo homepage - click on the Cricinfo logo
  • To read a news story - click on the headline
  • To go to the scorecard - click on the score
  • To change your preferences - click on the wheel icon
  • To hide the ticker - click on the minus symbol
  • To close the ticker - click on the cross symbol
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