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Drinks break is the area of the Cricinfo Travel site which allows you to share your experiences of any cricketing travel you may have done in the recent or distant past. We want to hear from you, and find out what you have been up to on tour.

We want to know about both club tours no matter how close or far away from home and also your thoughts on watching England away. Are the Barmy Army really that barmy? Or are they more of a disorganised rabble? Please send any material you have to us and we promise to publish anything that won’t see us in court!

2003 World Cup in South Africa

Bond, biltong and backpackers

One of our first experiences in South Africa was to meet Ifty, a Pakistani-Pom cricket fan staying at the Ritz. Ifty, who quickly earned the prefix Shifty, insisted on selling us tickets to the World Cup final for 10,000 Rand (NZ$2200) each. Upon receiving a polite shake of our heads he immediately shaved them down to 5,000 Rand apiece for "Good Kiwis" and received the same response. He then replied "But that's a great deal. Init?". Little were we to know we would cross paths with Shifty Ifty numerous times as the tournament progressed...
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Old Cranleighan CC in Australia 2003

Another success Down Under

The wise thing for the organisers to have done after the hugely successful Kenya tour in 2001 would have been to quit. But neither of the individuals responsible are renowned for their common sense, and instead they chose to endure six months of living hell by opting for Australia as the destination for the fourth major overseas trip. But in the end the hard work was worthwhile and another memorable jaunt had by all
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Where have you been?

What goes on tour ...

Email us with your tour experiences and stories (the ones you want to share with the world) and we will publish the best ... and a prize for the tale which amuses us the most
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The rules of beach cricket

From Margate to Mauritius, beach cricket is a holiday staple but the rules are largely unknown and usually invented by uncle Andrew to disallow his dismissal by his three-year-old niece
Frocester CC in Barbados 2004
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Surrey Cryptics in Menorca
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