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Cricket season runs April to September

When to go
June, July and August are the best months, but rain cannot be discounted at any time!

Accessibility, variety of opposition, knowledge of environment

Weather, cost

British Tourist Authority website
England - Lonely Planet guide


Touring the UK is often the easiest option, especially for smaller clubs where budgets and player power can be more limited. The advantages are that the terrain, language and culture are, of course, familiar and short trips are easy.

England is home to some of the most picturesque and old grounds in the world, and as most are owned and run by local clubs, getting matches is not difficult.

The standard of sides can vary from the basic to virtual county second XI, so it is best to check how many sides any intended opposition have and what league they play in. But finding teams of the right strength is not usually an issue. Once you have established an area to visit, start phoning.

Outside city centres, entertainment can be limited, but the fun of touring in England is often the village "local" and so most touring teams settle down for a long evening there.

The perfect short-term tour and the ideal way to start for clubs who have never toured before. Costs are known (although can still run into several hundred pounds) and once one or two trips have gone smoothly, then an overseas excursion becomes more enticing.