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Cricinfo is pleased to announce the launch of its new service for the cricket fan who wants to watch cricket abroad, or for those looking to organise an overseas tour for their club. We aim to give you the lowdowns on all the major distinations, as well as some off the beater track, and offer tips and advice.

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The Ashes 2006-07

Time to urn it again

The nail biting series of 2005 left England's cricket heroes firmly imprinted in the minds of the nation. New sporting heroes emerged in the form of Friddie Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen.
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India in the Caribbean - May 2006

Caribbean Calypso

In May 2006, India travel to the Caribbean for the first time in five years. Experience the West Indian enthusiasm for cricket, their world-class hotels and hospitality.
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Club tours

Where are you going this year?

Organising a club tour is a tricky business, but Cricinfo will help you make an informed decision where to go.
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Spectator tours

Holiday in the sun

It has never been easier for supporters to follow their country on overseas tours, combining a holiday with watching top-class cricket in a (usually) warm climate. Cricinfo presents a guide to the major destinations.
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