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St Lucia


Cricket is available all year round

When to go
St Lucia's top temperatures vary little over the course of a year and even in the rainy season (Jun-Nov) showers rarely last long. The peak season is between December and April is more expensive

Foreign Office Information
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British Passport holders do not need visas to enter St Lucia for visits up to 42 days. It is an offence to stay beyond 42 days without permission from the local immigration authorities.

Welcomes club tours and his rapidly growing in stature with the world-class Beausejour Stadium

Small size of the island means a limited choice of opposition and venues

St Lucia Tourist Board
St Lucia - Lonely Planet guide

British High Commission
Francis Compton Building
2nd Floor
(PO Box 227)
St Lucia

St Lucia Embassy
1 Collingham Gardens
London SW5 0HW



St Lucia is rapidly developing a name as a premier destination in West Indies. England were so impressed with the facilities that they targeted it to be their base for the 2007 World Cup, are got their wish.

Due to the small size of St Lucia - 620sq km - there are a limited number of grounds so clubs are urged to try and book fixtures and venues in advance.

As with the grounds, limited choice, but as St Lucia is still a relatively new touring destination opposition can often be found. Again, try and sort in advance to avoid disappointment.

Most of the major hotels offer entertainment, including live bands, while some of the best independent nightclubs are located around Rodney Bay.

Still not as commercialised as the more established touring destinations such as Barbados and Jamaica so can be quite a secluded destination to tour. However, if planning a trip there in 2007, when England will be based in St Lucia, book well in advance as hotels are going to be stretched.