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The cricket season runs from April to September

When to go

May to June is the best for the weather, although it is pleasant all year round. It can be wet in the winter, but it is always mild. July and August can be searingly hot

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British passport holders do not require visas to enter Bermuda as a visitor but accommodation must be booked prior to arrival

Beautiful; gorgeous beaches; warm, clear and safe sea; lots of golf on offer; fairly safe; certainly friendly

Very expensive, nightlife is limited

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Bermuda is a small island - 21.6 square miles - which, in theory, should make getting around quite easy. But you can't hire a car, with the only renting option being a moped which may make transporting a cricket around fairly tricky. You can, however, get about by taxi - they're about the same price as a black cab in London - or public bus, although most eschew this option. Bermuda has a small population of 62,000 - and is packed with British ex-pats - which trebles in size during the summer months when the cruise crowd come to town. Or you can escape on your own boat - you can rent one for about $100 a day. It takes about seven hours to fly there from the UK.

Bermuda unveiled a new national sports centre in June 2005, which is a multi-purpose stadium where athletics, football, hockey and cricket are all played. The island takes a two-day holiday in July or August, where St George's CC are pitted against Somerset CC.

The main social event is the 20-20 World Cricket Classic which takes place in April, 2006. For full details and ticket information, click here.

Despite the island's size, a number of sides would be more than keen to entertaining touring teams.

The majority of what limited nightlife there is centres around two streets in the main town of Hamilton, where there are about a dozen nightspots along two streets - along the waterfront, and just behind. But beach parties are frequent, with the odd game of volleyball thrown in for good measure. There are plenty of outdoor sports on offer during the day, though, with fishing and sailing popular options. Scuba diving and snorkelling fans will be pleased to learn the reef is near to the shore, and there's a shipwreck you can visit, too. For the culturally minded, there are several historic sites to visit on the island.

Bermuda rightly enjoys a reputation for being a beautiful, safe place and with good weather all but guaranteed. The down side is that it is fairly costly - hotels certainly aren't cheap.

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